Sweet & Sticky Chex-Graham Mix

If you are wondering what food or snack to take to your holiday parties this week…..THIS IS IT!
I haven’t met ANYBODY who doesn’t {love} this stuff!!! It doesn’t take long to make and it will feed a big group of people or would be enough for two parties.
(Best if it’s made the day of the party)
This is your Christmas present from me….


1 Box of Golden Grahams Cereal (about 12 oz)
1 Box of Rice or Corn Chex Cereal (about 12 oz)
12 oz (approx.) bag of shredded Coconut
2 Cups of Slivered Almonds (approx.)
(I say approximately because it depends on what the boxes or bag sizes come in – small boxes of cereal and a bag of coconut. If you aren’t a fan of coconut – you will not even notice that there is coconut in this stuff – it makes the texture really good)
1/2 Cup of Real Butter
1 Cup White Sugar
1 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Cups of White (Karo) Syrup
You will need two large bowls to mix your ingredients. That will make it easier to mix it together in the last step. Pour cereals, coconut & nuts into bowls. I just put half of the ingredients into each bowl. Or you can half the recipe if you have a small group. This makes a ton! It’s nice to take one bowl to a party and eat the rest at home… 🙂 Set them aside with two mixing spoons each.
On the stove top in a medium sauce pan: melt butter then add white syrup, and both sugars and keep stirring. Cook on high until it starts to barely boil. Once it is boiling set your timer for only 1 full minute, stir constantly (don’t over cook – it will make your mix set up too hard). Then remove from heat and immediately pour the hot sweet sauce over both bowls of dry mix as evenly as you can. Use two wooden spoons to mix and mix and mix until the dry ingredients are covered in delicious gooey, sticky & sweet sauce.
(nobody had a free hand here to take a photo of pouring the sauce)
It is so nice to have a helper….and a taste tester!
I transfer them into pretty bowls to take to parties or for when I host. I like to have it out for a snack before dinner.

Eat plenty with just your fingers…like popcorn.
I think in this case, we ate it before I could stop to get a pretty picture.

This recipe came from my Aunt Marsha’s kitchen. She made this treat every holiday while I was growing up. I have adjusted it a little so this is my version of what works great for me.


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Lawanna Brown

Holly, one of my favorites too. I don't make it often because I like to think of it as a special treat we get to have when we come to visit your house. You are an amazing cook. love ya, mom


Love it, simple and delicious! Merry Christmas Holly! Hugs, Diane


Thank u so much for the recipe. Looks yummy. Can't wait to try it. Merry Christmas.

Christine Vandormolen

looks delish Holly……..Merry Christmas!!!

must love junk

Looks so good! Merry Christmas! Susan


That looks yummy! I've had the regular chex mix before that you bake in the oven but I've never tried this sticky sweet version. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Well thank you very much! How did you know I love coconut?? Have a Merry Christmas!


Oh my! This looks so yummy. Gonna have to try it. Love your Chicken & Dumplings crock pot recipe too. It's my husband's favorite comfort food meal. Thanks for sharing!

Katie Mansfield

Merry Christmas. It looks so good. I may have to try this for New Year's Eve


Holly,All I can say is YUM and thank you for the recipe. Merry Christmas.Kris

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. xo Laura

Debra Oliver

oh, this looks so yummy! thanks so much for the recipe!

Amy Kinser

It looks scrumptious! I just made \”nuts and bolts\” this morning for us to snack on throughout our weekend. We love treats like this at Christmas time.Merry Christmas!