It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas & a Giveaway

Aaaaawh! I am so ready to cheer up this house in twinkle lights, pine and get on with making some memories!
This year I have a railing in the foyer to decorate. Yippee! It’s so fun to be able to use some of my old stuff in new ways.

I love natural garlands, trees and wreaths but the problem is – I leave them up way too long and so they die even before Christmas. (I know that is obvious to you since it is barely even the middle of November and I am already holiday decorating)

So I buy faux trees, garlands and wreaths but I am super picky about them looking natural.

Look how pretty this garland is. It looks and feels natural. Since this beautiful green sits directly in my foyer where guests can touch and feel, I want it to be nice and natural. The garland comes from Tree Classics.

When I received it in the mail I was so super surprised at the quality and life-like color when I opened the box. The needles really do feel real and fresh.

No wonder Tree Classics gets so many great reviews.

Now, here’s a great deal for you – Tree Classics is celebrating 40 years and instead of receiving gifts for this special birthday year – they are actually GIVING 40 gifts away.

The good news is that one of my readers will get one of them. (happy dance)

All you have to do is leave me a comment below and you will be entered to win this Classic Noble Fir Garland! (click the link – you can see details and close ups of the needles & everything – trust me, it’s super nice)

The garland is pre-lit with white lights and it’s so natural looking! Just like the garland on my railing.

I fastened my garland to the railing with rope tied into bows.

How do you keep your garland in place?

Oh, while we are talking about natural and gifts – look what my parents picked up for me on their vacation to Lake Tahoe (I think that is where they were). These pine cones are almost 6 inches tall. I put twinkle lights in the silver bucket with them. Such a beautiful earthy accent.

OK – so you only have a few days to leave me a nice comment because you want to get your garland to show off this year – right?

I will choose a reader at random to receive the garland on Friday this week and then Tree Classics will mail it straight to you.

K…so just leave a message down below. Click the post a comment link and a comment box will show up. Say something nice and be sure to sign your first name please.

Good Luck!

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Diane Bertao

I love the look and feel of real garland. Unfortunately in the part of California I live in (and with the continued drought) we have lost an abundance of pine trees 🙁 So I'm looking for a nice quality garland. This one looks beautiful! We moved into our home last year and I was thrilled to have a home to decorate that has stairs too! Love the way the decorations look up stairs and across the balcony. I secure my garland with twine, mixed with ribbons, bells, something mixed in. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season making… Read more »


Holly, thanks for the giveaway – I love good artificial

Ali Nicole

Love it, looks very beautiful.


I love your inspiration using natural elements along with the beautiful garland to decorate early. I'm amazed how real it looks too!It would be awesome to the the one chosen, I could use it in so many areas!Thank you for your blog and all the ideas.Debbie

Jill B

I love you style. I get so many ideas from your blog so I thank you so much. I love natural elements too. I just built a little centerpiece out of barnwood and filled it up with masaon jars, white candles and pine cones. Love the look.


Holly,The garland is gorgeous and I love it tied with the rope. What a beautiful staircase.Kris


Very pretty decorations. The garland looks like real pine!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

Beautiful Holly! Just Love all your creative touches! The garland is Beautiful!

Krystal klein

Love the garland!! I see all your posts & you are so creative!! Enjoy decorating your new home!!


The garland is beautiful, and I love the rope you used to tie. Great idea!

Carol Bartlett

Holly, this garland on your stairs looks beautiful. I would LOVE to do the same with mine. You are right, they look like the real thing…so natural. Hope I win one!

How pretty!! I love your blog and have been following it for years! We just moved a few months ago and it's slowly starting to feel like home, I'm excited to have our first Christmas here! Kayla

Katie Mansfield

It is beautiful. I'm with you on faux trees and garlands. Too much shedding to clean up otherwise. I'd love to win the garland.


Love how you used rope to hang the garland. I've always wrapped mine around the railings. Not ideal. I also love the lights in the bucket with the pine cones. Clever idea! I'll have to try that.

Debbie King

I too am very discriminating when choosing greenery that is not real. This is probably the best representation that I have seen. I love the beautiful details and it looks amazing with against your black staircase.Debbie 🙂


The garland is beautiful. I also love how you have used the pine cones with tiny lights. Such a nice setting to welcome family and guests.


I do love that it looks real! I really thought that is was. Beautiful! Thank you so much for this opportunity! Who doesn't just love garland with lights?!!

rondah s

I love the garland! Thanks for the chance!


The garland is so pretty! I love that it is pre-lit, too. That would be so awesome!

Mountain Mama

Holly, I love your natural decorating style for Christmas – gorgeous!! That garland looks terrific – really looks like the real deal!Debbie

Heather Remer

Wow — your entry is so pretty! Would love to have some garland to decorate with!

Ron Shultz

Love the garland, so realistic looking. Thanks for the chance to win!

Jo Ashley

Love your garland!

Sunflowers With Smiles

Love the garland. It looks so real!

shabby pink bungalow

I love this! So festive! I would love to use this in my home this season. The last few Christmas season's have been rough for me and something new might be just the thing to bring the Christmas Spirit back for me. Thank you for all of the inspiration all year long.


Did you say…Say something nice? NICE NICE NICE! That garland is NICE…YOU are NICE….Your BLOG is NICE…sometimes even I am nice…but don't quote me on that last part.Sign me up- I do love a garland—especially nice ones with lights! Hope you have a great rest of the week-NICE LADY! xo Diana


I know you must be loving decorating your new house for Christmas! There's nothing better than your first Christmas in your new home. I think you will feel more attached to it afterwards too. I love the beautiful garland that you're giving away! I'm a sticker for real looking garland too. I would love to win this!

Stacye Hixson

Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway. For me faux is the only way to go as long as it looks real and this garland looks REAL!

Melissa Atkinson

I have actually been eyeing this! I have a new home with a railing in the foyer also. Fingers crossed!


I love seeing you decorate your new space! I enjoy seeing you use your stash of supplies to create a warm new home for your sweet family!

Retha Stockton

Beautiful garland – it really does look natural! Makes your stairs look so inviting. Love your style.


Oh Holly I would love to have that beautiful garland to bring some holiday cheer into my gloomy small apartment


What a beautiful garland. I use burlap trim to secure mine. Would love to have this more batural looking one!


What a beautiful garland!


Love the look and to not be real would be perfect!!

Hollie H

I love the garland….it does look real. I would love to have one for my staircase!!!

Jennifer Schmitz

This is very nice garland and it would look beautiful across my mantel! 🙂 I use thin green double sided Velcro to keep my garland attached to my railing and I use small command strip hooks to loop it around and hook it across my mantel. Jennifer

Deb Hrabik

Such a beautiful photo, Holly!All the black and white is striking and garland and lights make it cozy : )Deb


Such a generous giveaway. Thanks for the chance. I too think the garland would look good on my mantle. I have three of them. Thanks for your daily inspiration. I keep you on my sidebar and look at it each day!

Valerie Ratliff

I love the garland and your stairs. Did you paint your stairs or were they that color when you moved in? I love them.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

I love your decorating style and how beautiful the garland looks on the railing! Such a cute way to tie it on…I will have to try that! I would love to win one of these garlands…thanks for hosting the giveaway! 🙂 Linda

Robin bonvino

Ohhh, that garland is lovely, I surely thought it was real. I love the rustic accent of using the jute twine. My go to for securing most everything in my home is fishing line. It's clear, strong, doesn't leave marks and easy to remove. I especially love using it to tie/secure the live tree from falling. Robin

Burks --What Will Work?

I too like to use real garland (thank you Hockey Association) and last year I was counting the days I could leave it up on my mantel before it was completely brown! I secure mine with twine (jute) and add old rustic bells where I place the twine. Super cute.


I LOVE this garland and that you tied it with rope. Rope is one of my favorite things to decorate with. 🙂 Hoping I'm a lucky winner! Kimberly

Linda Ging

This would look great on my mantle! Thank you for sharing your creativity and style! Linda


I love the garland on your stairs. It does look real! How many garlands did it take to do your stairs? Thank you for giving your followers a chance to win!!!!


What a perfect time for a giveaway. This garland is beautiful and the prelit option is a bonus. Makes me crazy winding and threading multy layers of decor that never turns out quite right.Lucky you to have this space. It's gorgeous.

KUNIs little white castle

Holly………. It looks perfect. The black stairs with the green garlands. I love it!!!


The garland IS BEAUTIFUL! And securing the garland with rope is brilliant! I too decorate very early in November because all that hard work deserves to be enjoyed much longer than a month or less! Merry Christmas! Lucinda


I love your style! I never would have thought to tie the garland with rope. I use wire and hide it with ribbon. I am definitely going to try the rope this year! 🙂 Denise