Cement Diamond Painted Floors and Shop Pics

Last month I painted the isle way floors at The Lazy Daisy where I rent retail space.
The concrete floors are so beautiful in this whole store but the isle looks so amazing after giving it a little pattern. I used Behr products from Home Depot made specifically for cement floors. All water based for easy clean up and fast drying.
I relocated my space to the very front of the store. Let me show you some updated pictures. This one above is the front corner near the window.
I sell flea market finds, upcycled & handcrafted furniture along with natural or handmade wreaths and freshly dried lavender.
My taste goes towards neutral colors but with spring just around the corner I tried to bring in a few sprinkles of color.
The wall backdrop for this section is planked in painted and distressed panels of plywood (you can view another post on how HERE).
The other wall is where the extra large window sits. Wood is much more forgiving with nail holes than sheetrock when merchandise is rotated around so often.
The center has a fireplace mantel and a brass chandelier—-yes brass. 😉
I enjoy decorating and hunting for unique home accents. It’s hard to give things up to the store sometimes.
That is all I have been up to lately….it’s an obsession! (but a good one)
Thanks for stopping by and have a fun weekend!

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  1. I really enjoyed this tour through the store and your painted floor adds some whimsy and looks so fresh and pretty 🙂 Great job:)

  2. I love your floor Holly!! You did a great job in fact your entire space looks fabulous.. I love your taste and i wish i lived closer I'd be such a loyal customer. 🙂

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