A Cottage Style Guest Room

Another project from Laura’s house.
Laura and Alex have lots of guests come to stay with them and she was so sweet to want that room extra cozy. 
Laura and I admired a picture in Pottery Barn that featured a cottage bedroom – the wall was a chippy white wood.  I said — Let’s do that…
So here’s what that is:
1/2 inch plywood
(comes in 4 ft. 8 ft. sheets for $25 or less each)
I ripped the sheets into 8 inch pieces lengthwise and just had to cut a few inches off the length to fit above the floor molding.
I layed all the pieces out on my garage floor and painted them with a long broom handle attached to my paint roller.  I tried several colors and ended up with a white-ish grey.  The plywood is very rough so it was easy to get a distressed texture.  Once the paint was dry I sanded it down so it was smooth to touch – we don’t want to get any slivers.  Then I wiped the slats with Dark Walnut stain so that any bare wood would grab the stain and be dark.
One distressing trick with stain here:
Use baby oil to keep the stain liquid enough to move around where you want it.  I’ve tried glaze but baby oil works much better for me.
The only problem is that not much wants to stick to baby oil so… it’s the last coat.
We chose to do this one wall only just to see if we liked it.  It made that space very comfortable and special as you come around the corner into the room.
The sleeping nook…
I didn’t use any glue for these boards – just in case it comes down one day.  I just used my nail gun and tried to hit studs where I could.
Across from the bed sits a TV and chest of drawers.  On either side we put shutters once but I see these vintage garden gates made their way here.  I found these gates at a little “side of the road” salvage dumping ground where a cute lady was selling salvaged treasures that locals dropped off to her.  This was in Vermont.  I found it on the way home from a family vacation. We piled my car FULL of treasures that day.
I repainted these gates – they were brownish – copper?