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DSC_0071 (2)-2Hello Friends!

Last year I picked up this old, chippy mantel at a local antiques shop. It was in our guest room on the first floor at first (HERE). That room since has the grand piano in it now and the mantel was really hidden behind it.

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We have this wall in our master bedroom that needed something. I thought of a sofa table or shallow dresser but even that all felt a little bulky because we walk in this isle a lot.

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The mantel is perfect because it’s attached directly to the wall with long screws into studs.  It gives me a place to switch out my decor and I love the character. Sometimes old pieces like this can smell musty but luckily I think this one had plenty of outside time to air out.

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It’s a shallow ledge where I can put my gold candlestick collection. Plus it’s romantic. My man doesn’t love all of my gold collections, he thinks they look “grandma”. Unfortunately, we are now old enough that we are seeing all the trends make a second wave.

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The planter is an industrial piece that I got from one of our vendors at The Lazy Daisy. I bought three of them and use them on the porch, family room and now here in the bedroom. I love that they are green and tall enough to give my plants added height.

The two plants in this one weren’t really making any kind of statement solo so I combined them here and love the fullness and height.

One of these days we plan on taking up this carpet. It’s too light.  It’s builder grade and seriously, it was yucky after 6 months. The upgrade options weren’t much better and cost a lot. We are thinking of some laminate wood.

DSC_0071 (2)-2

That wall is a bit awkward because of the little window and the closet door but this is perfect. It’s just enough.

DSC_0063 (2)-2

I was excited to share this because I love switching up a fireplace mantel and the one we have downstairs has a great big TV above it. It’s functional though.

DSC_0072 (2)-2

The peg rail is fun to hang greenery on but I also use it for our robes or jackets. Hooks are king over here because hangers are hard (eye roll emoji insert).

Well, that is that. I hope you enjoyed seeing my mantel. I am excited to share more of it as I change it up for the seasons.

Speaking of seasons….who is ready for spring?

ME! This spring we have a lot of projects going on in our backyard. It’s been kind of an eye soar since we moved in but I am excited to share our progress with you in the near future. I may even get a garden this year!!! (yay!)

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I always say this but you can also follow us on Instagram (HERE).

Have a super fun week everyone. I know this time of year drags on and February is a tough one for me. So let’s pray for sunny days ahead. I read somewhere that it helps your mood to force a smile even if you don’t feel like it. It’s true.

Smile big!

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