Merry Christmas Card Display

This year I was able to get a family Christmas card together and sent out to all our family and friends. I am always so touched by the Christmas cards we receive. I enjoy seeing updated photos of our friends.

We know special people from all over and I want a little piece of them close to me at this time of year. I made a muslin rag garland that fits a newly made sofa table to display in the center of our living space.

I ripped a long piece of muslin fabric and attached it horizontally across the sofa table tied at each end to a hook that is screwed right into the corners of this rustic table.
A package of clothes pins lay inside a small sized terracotta pot on the table top.
When cards arrive in the mail it is put on display by clipping it to the knotted muslin fabric strips that are tied across the length of the sofa table.
A shabby looking knot cloth.
I can see each little card with pictures of friends and family that I don’t see regularly. Some of these cards come from friends that were in Ben and Luke’s baby play group. Time flies.
I liked the style of this nativity set when I purchased it but I am so confused about which character is supposed to Joseph….the Shepard with the white beard and cane???  I bought this set at Kirkland’s a few years ago. At least Mary and baby Jesus are obvious.
This is the picture of my twin boys that is printed on our Christmas card this year, I’ve kept a card that we have sent out from years past in a special box. I can’t believe how much the kids change in only 12 months as I compare the cards in sequence.
A raggy muslin garland for displaying Christmas cards worked out great. Effortless looking and visible.
Merry Christmas to all of you and many more to come.
Much love,