My Christmas Village

My sweet mom painted a whole Christmas village for each one of my brothers and sisters and I. Each year on Thanksgiving she would present each of us with one hand painted house, school, church or antique shop to add to our collection. I have fifteen!

Each new structure had something to do with what was happening in our lives in that year. School, new home, job and one year I got an antiques shop when we moved to New England.
I am sharing close up pictures of a few so you can see the little details.
I like to display them with little twinkle lights underneath. It looks like little people are cozy and warm inside on a wintery, snowy night.
The details are amazing like each brick on this church is individually painted with the same variations in color as real bricks have.
Underneath them I have written the year it was given to me. If I was not present on Thanksgiving, because I live in a different state than my parents, then it will say who brought it to me. Mom would send it with whoever was coming to visit around Thanksgiving time – she made sure I received it safe and sound.
This year they sit on top of our piano. Other years I have put them above my cabinets and placed them on top of staggered boxes with faux snow. 
Aren’t they beautiful?
Would you believe that my mom has six kids and painted these for all of us – starting the first year we were married? She’s so patient and talented.
I love and treasure my village.
This is my mom with one of my little boys.
Isn’t she cute! She’s the best mom on earth!

Thank you Mom!
I hope you are all excited for the big day coming up way too fast….