Distress Pine Wood with an X-acto Knife

In THIS post I showed you how to easily frame in art that may be too small for your wall. I am showing a simple way to distress your frame or any wood project with an X-acto blade and stain here.

Once your wood is cut to size and painted lightly use an X-acto knife to take out “chunks” of wood on the sides and corners.

Sand a little and then rub on a stain color that you like with a sponge brush. I use dark walnut by Minwax. If you like your stain to “blend” – use THIS tip with baby oil to help you out.

The bright red paint is toned down and the wood is darkened. See the difference?
Set the stained and painted wood in a safe spot to dry. We put ours under the car in the garage.
It is a simple and effective technique that transforms your plain new pine into an old barn wood style.
Happy Distressing!
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