Hydrangeas in a Glass Canister

I actually cleaned my kitchen last night before we all went to bed so when I walked down the stairs this morning the breakfast nook looked so pretty with flowers in the center of our rustic table.

I tried to capture some of that fresh look to share with you. Turns out I couldn’t capture it (or wouldn’t, I should say), 
You know I haven’t blogged as much since I got my new camera (Nikon D3100) last year? I hate it. I am not patient enough to adjust aperture, ISO, change lenses…blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to!
Once I realized how complicated good photography is – I became slower at getting blog posts out. I like projects, I like being creative but I do not love photography. Blogging is a fun hobby but photography skills are really helpful in making a blog beautiful, and I am not patient enough to acquire those skills today.  
But…my family is busy with football, cross country and orchestra  and I am loving that my boys are still sort of little.
That’s Luke ready to throw a living fish at me.
Yup….and there’s Ben being super gentle with his fish.
Silly boys!
Anyhoooooo – a big hello and hugs to you!