Use Natural and Reclaimed Items to Make a Bench

This might be one of the funkiest pieces of furniture I have ever made. After our Tag Sale a few weeks ago, I took some of the items that didn’t sell and used them to make this outdoor seat.

Do you know what this is?
It was a stereo speaker stand that my husband made several year ago for our music room at our last home. They were made before I started this blog so I don’t have a tutorial on them but if you click on the red link, you can see how they were used.
I was only asking $5 for the set but I guess none of our tag sale visitors understood what they were. I didn’t want them to go to Goodwill, wood is always usable.
I keep wood scraps in storage bins in our garage for just this kind of project. When I made a bench back for the foyer last fall, I had several 1x’s nailed to a wall above a bench.
Of course that has all changed by now but I still love the Browning Est. sign so I made that the top of this new project I am sharing today.
I screwed the speaker stands into three slats of wood from the bottom (one being the Browning Est. sign). To make the top look chunkier, some miter cut boards wrap around the bottom side of the top slats like an apron. The cross beam is a decking spindle. The photo above shows the bench laying on it’s side so I can mark where to cut down the spindle.
I had to drill a hole all the way through the tree branch legs.
The center of the cut down spindle was drilled for a pilot hole, too.
I used 6 inch long lumber screws and used an allen wrench that fit the head of it to tighten them into the pre-drilled holes.
This photo shows how I use a monkey hook to puncture the whole in my caulk. I am using black caulk to fill in the miter cut corners on the apron because they were less than perfect.
When I give a tutorial on my blog, I am not giving the exact or correct way to construct what ever it is I am making, necessarily – I just share how I do it. I don’t plan out what I am making ahead of time. Usually it’s just viewing the stuff I have on hand and coming up with new ways to use them.
The top ends have cabinet drawer pulls for a small unique detail. If you notice – I like to add iron or metal detail to everything.
The bench sits in a front garden along the walkway to our porch.
(I think I will stain the cross spindle dark)
The bench turned out sturdy enough to hold a person or two but if you tried to rock it forward or backward too hard – you could tip it. It’s more for looks and to make our walkway more welcoming.
It is going to rain this week so I am glad to have gotten outside to play before the clouds came rolling in.
See how I made the sign HERE.
Thanks for stopping over today and have a happy week!
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Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

Love this! You certainly are creative !


I just ADORE that Browning Est. sign and I bet it couldn't be happier with it's new life! Perfect spot for it too, my friend! Happy May!! xoxo jules

Christine Vandormolen

that looks so cool and the spot in the bark is perfect…a one of a kind piece! I have been missing some posts, I have not been getting all of my feedburner emails, I think it's a yahoo mail issue…

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I love it, Holly! I love benches in the landscape, even if they are not for sitting on. We had a teak one at our old house that had aged and wasn't really safe for sitting on, but I put it in among some bushes in one of our garden beds and loved it there.


it's awesome, holly! tfs! and have a great weekend!


Looks perfect in the garden. Excellent tutorial.

J Shrewsbury-ThreeDogFarmhouse

Very pretty & unique…love itand it looks great in the garden

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

It's adorable! You always make the cutest things. It looks perfect in your front garden bed.~Shanon


LOVE IT!! I do hope you sealed it!! too cute to lose from rain and sun!!

Angela Ryder

Just plain awesome! You're so talented!!~~Angela


That is the most unique outdoor bench I've ever seen. That was a great way to reuse those materials.


Holly, you rock girl, this is so cool!!! So charming and rustic. Mazi always gets her way in to the picture. What a doll!!!Cynthia

Gee Singh Newbanks

Luv the way you repurposed the different pieces into a sweet garden bench.

Deb Hrabik

Looks so great in it's new form and setting! You are so resourceful,Deb

Sherri Smith

Great upcycle! Love how you salvaged and repurposed to make this bench 🙂 I think I would stain the spindle darker too. Thanks for sharing!~Sherri

chateau chic

This is a fabulous one-of-a-kind bench for your garden, Holly!! I know I've said it before, but you continue to amaze me…you are so talented!Mary Alice

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Great bench and I love it in the garden.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style

Such a great idea. I love it!


Cute Bench Holly! I love how you incorporated the Browning Est. sign on the top!! Enjoy your day, Gail

Angie Chavez

I love the bench, Holly! It looks perfect along your walkway. I hope you'll come share it at the Vintage Inspiration party @ Knick of Time!Blessings,~Angie