Re-purposed Cabinet to Mobile Kitchen Cart

We have a “U” shaped kitchen. Sometimes an island works well here but other times it doesn’t. By using a small cabinet from our old island, I made a mobile cart that can be used when it is most needed but put away when it’s not.

When we purchased our Connecticut home in 2005 – this is what our island looked like. I eventually took it apart and made this…
That transformation made our kitchen look more customized and interesting. I used the original granite top on the new wood structure and was left with a couple of cream cabinets. I built another island for one of my clients…
I made both of these projects before my blogging days but you can read a little more about kitchen island re-do’s HERE.
The portion of the island that I had left over was this piece.
I wanted another drawer and I wanted to bring my pots and pans back into my kitchen work space. They had been in my office on an open shelf – you can view that post HERE. I use the pans more since our Eat FreshΒ New Year’s resolution so this provides perfect storage for them.
Since I wanted this island to have wheels I had to make it shorter by cutting off the toe kick all the way around the bottom. I used my table saw for that job.
Three of the sides needed to be covered in the same finish. The front door and drawer were painted at one point but I needed the other sides to match each other. I used only pieces of wood left over from other projects and by using a brad nailer and nail glue, I was able to get a horizontal panel look.
The wheels were under $11 each.
I painted the whole body of it in a color called Rope by Valspar.
Then sanded it to distress the paint finish.
Since I will use the top of this island for food prep, I wanted it to be new. I love a butcher block look. What I found was this piece of spruce that measures 1 inch thick by 24 inches wide and 48 inches in length. The cost was about $31. I didn’t have room to use all 48 inches so the piece was cut down to 38 inches.
After the wood was cut down to size, it needed some smoothing out with the hand sander using a 120 grit paper.
Liquid nails was applied to the cabinet edge before placing the counter top on the island.
Make sure it’s level. If one side is off, then shims are the best way to get the surface all leveled out.
Two decorative, iron corner brackets support the long over hang.
Usually I have small metal corner brackets on hand but today I did not. I used a piece from a curtain rod bracket instead on one side where there is a small over hang. The silver bar is from IKEA to hang pots and pans from.
I have some matching knobs and pulls for cabinets but this funky piece called for something different.
A glass knob from a tag sale and a screen door handle turned side ways for the drawer pull.
The more character I can give this island the better.
One side has a 4 inch over hang on the top so underneath I attached a metal rod and “S” hooks for pots to hang.
(you can see on the left – there is a “shim” to make the top level)
The other side hangs an iron horse hook for a hand towel.
A bar stool can fit there at the back or our garbage can fit snug there, too.
The wheels make it so I can move it around like a bar cart.
Anywhere I want it to go.
I am super happy with the way it turned out. I can use it in many different ways. I spent $65 on the wood top and the 4 wheels, the rest of the supplies I had on hand.
It’s the kitchen island that keeps on giving. πŸ™‚
I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a super fun day!!!!
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37 Replies to “Re-purposed Cabinet to Mobile Kitchen Cart”

  1. That's a great looking island! I love how you added different pieces of wood to the sides. It looks much more interesting that way. I love the hook for the towel and the bar for the pots and pans. You've really thought of everything!

  2. Perfect! Our last house had the same shaped kitchen as yours, when I expressed a desire for an island on wheels the builder laughed. If there's a next time, I'm following your example! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey Holly! I really admire your gumption to just jump right in to a project! I have grown so used to waiting for my husband to do the big stuff that I'm feeling jealous of all you bloggers who just go to it! Looks great – Where is that original transformation located? Not the one that came with the house but the one you repurposed from that. Trisha

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  5. Great job Holly – I love it. Still waiting for motivation to kick in here to get some projects finished. I have a pallet coffee table that I've been working on for over a year (or more).. ugh! Love seeing all your projects. Have a great weekend!

  6. Well, HOW COOL is that, Holly!?!!! I love it and what a handy piece to have in your kitchen. The mobility of it is really nice!!!! xo Diana

  7. I just added those wheels to my small farmhouse table to make it island height – the post isn't even up yet and I come across this lol – just gorgeous Dawn – LOVE !!!( I even put the same pot rack on mine – wow – too funny ) You did a spectacular job !XOXO

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