Wood Box Gift Decor

I have wanted to make wooden presents for so long. This year I finally did it.

Here are a few photos to show how I made three different wooden boxes.
8 furring strips cut at the size you want your box. Attach with liquid nails and a nail gun at the corners. Cut down plywood with a table saw to make a 5 sided square.
Drill holes for twinkle lights to fit through. Paint and calk the seams so the light doesn’t peek through the cracks.
Basically – make the same thing again only put the plywood together first and the furring strips as a border. The top piece of plywood will be bigger than the other four so it will cover the furring strips edge to edge.
I used a Dremel to cut out a Christmas tree shape in the center of one side and just burned a shape of one on the other three sides.
The last one was made with 8 furring strips – 2 for each corner. Border the top and bottom with furring strips then cut a plywood piece for the top. I used a staple gun to attach the chicken wire.
Then add lights and bows. The bows are stapled on.
The gift trio lights up our front porch.
See how the lights are inside each?
It looks like some special packages have been delivered right to our front door.
The first ‘gifts’ of Christmas Decor 2013.
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