Homework Room

This room isn’t a beautiful place but I created it to help keep us organized this school year.

I have been using this dining area as my own office and craft room. The kids were doing homework at the kitchen table last year but it wasn’t working out great. Once we were ready for dinner – cleaning up the table was sometimes rushed.
So I brought in this work bench from our old garage to use for the kids to drop their school work.
Marc made the work bench – I painted it white.
Each boy has a little clip for things I need to sign, etc.  The colored paper is their school schedule. The bar cabinet holds paper, the printer, computer
and extra supplies.
I didn’t stage this area for these photos so it just is what it is. I put an old door along the back and the pallet planter above for things/books/papers we will end up collecting over the year.
By keeping this square dining table in here, even though it makes the area a little “snug” – it provides a work island for projects. Or, if the boys feel too close for comfort (happens) – they can work at separate tables.
This is ugly but I still have to have a place for my crafts and pots and pans. I am missing my old basement space to store sh*t crap.
(sorry – that is just how I talk sometimes)
I am not a super tidy, organized girl but I sure hope this helps.
Happy 5th grade year!
(where does time go?)
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Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama

love the homework room. All mine are grown now but sure wish I would've done something like this when they were in school. Homework was usually done at the kitchen table and projects on the table or living room floor..so of course there was always shh…crap to clean up..LOL


Kinda makes you WANT to do homework, kinda….not really. But it is a nice area!

Angela Ryder

This is a great space and you sure seem organized to me! Love your \”crap\” space too! Lord knows I have a ton of those and so wish I had a spot for my own sh*t-crap!! LOL!! Great job, Holly!~~Ang

Sam Jordan

That homework space is awesome! But I also have to say \”Thank You!\”, for making me laugh out loud when talking about your ..um..\”crap\”. I homeschool so the space, like all your ideas was a great inspiration, and the laugh was much needed!!Sheryl


What a great homework area. Looks like the boys are all set up for the school year. xo Laura

Shabby chic Sandy

I love the homework area! That old door looks great and I just love the names making it so personal. Your boys are good looking (I was going to say cute but I am guessing they would hate that!).

cynthia lee designs

What a great homework space!!~Cindy


That looks like a really great solution. I love the idea that they are close by but have some space of their own for their schoolwork. A kitchen table doesn't work all that great when it comes to mealtimes! xo Diana


love it, holly–the door and other details make it really awesome! and the shelving doesn't look ugly all filled up with your goodies. happy weekend!

Christine Vandormolen

awesome as always!!!!!


Holly you really made a great place for the boys. They seem to have everything they need and it is so pretty too (don't tell them that someone called it pretty, LOL!)I like the attention to detail.Cynthia


Oh Holly I love this space for Ben and Luke to do their homework. It is awesome. You know me and doors I just love the door. This is a great space transformation. How great a homework space. Kris

Things That Inspire

I love your homework room set up! This is a very timely topic, as my 5th grade daughter came home with her school assigned laptop yesterday, and we had a big discussion about where the laptop should go. School suggests that while the kids are still young, and while they are getting used to the 'power' of having a laptop, that the laptop should remain in a public area where use can be monitored. My older kids have had school assigned laptops for a while now (several years), and they are absolutely essential to hours and hours of homework, so… Read more »


Hello Holly, I love your industrial supply shelves. The steel mixed with the baskets and wooden crate boxes is very appealing to me. Thank you for the inspiration. (my child just graduated from college, but I can use the ideas in my craft room!) Colleen


Looks like the perfect spot to me:)

chateau chic

You've created a wonderful work space for your guys, Holly! I like how it's downstairs to keep tabs on them if they need help, instead of sending them up to their room to do their work.You're a great Mom!!!!Mary Alice

Gee Singh Newbanks

Great idea Holly. When our boys were school aged it was the bar in the kitchen. Then as they got older.. they moved onto their own respective rooms and computers.Now my youngest, only one at home :-/ is in University 3 rd year and is working on his BA… everything is done on a tablet or laptop. Yes.. time is a thief!happy today. hugs, Gee

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla

Great homework area! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

Robin Johnson

What a good idea! I have always thought a homework area would be a great addition to our house. Now I'm thinking I need to find a little corner to make one for my girls. thanks for the inspiration.