Homework Room

This room isn’t a beautiful place but I created it to help keep us organized this school year.

I have been using this dining area as my own office and craft room. The kids were doing homework at the kitchen table last year but it wasn’t working out great. Once we were ready for dinner – cleaning up the table was sometimes rushed.
So I brought in this work bench from our old garage to use for the kids to drop their school work.
Marc made the work bench – I painted it white.
Each boy has a little clip for things I need to sign, etc.  The colored paper is their school schedule. The bar cabinet holds paper, the printer, computer
and extra supplies.
I didn’t stage this area for these photos so it just is what it is. I put an old door along the back and the pallet planter above for things/books/papers we will end up collecting over the year.
By keeping this square dining table in here, even though it makes the area a little “snug” – it provides a work island for projects. Or, if the boys feel too close for comfort (happens) – they can work at separate tables.
This is ugly but I still have to have a place for my crafts and pots and pans. I am missing my old basement space to store sh*t crap.
(sorry – that is just how I talk sometimes)
I am not a super tidy, organized girl but I sure hope this helps.
Happy 5th grade year!
(where does time go?)
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