My Mom’s Quilt

I have to share with you this wonderful quilt that my Mom made.

You might remember my Mom from this post.
I love her so much!

About twenty five years ago she found this partially sewn quilt along with a fabric for the back at a tag sale for $5. (We call them garage sales in Utah but I feel like an’ East Coaster’ now so tag sale it is.)
Mom thought “when the kids are grown I will do this quilt”. So she held on to it all these years. And now – we are all grown and out of her hair (six kids –whoa !!! – I can’t imagine!). Now she has more time to enjoy her many hobbies and talents.
I am no quilter or sewer (as you may know from other posts) but my Mom taught me to do these things when I was young – I wish I had the patience. My hands start hurting just thinking of hand stitching that much fabric. So I appreciate this kind of work knowing a little bit of what it takes to get it done so beautifully.  Look at the tiny stitches and detail – rolled edges by hand. It’s a queen size, comfy and colorful piece. Hours and months of hard work.
Mom chose a different fabric for the back than what came with it.
Looks great together. The ladies at the fabric store told her this was a 1950’s style print and that it was worth a little money.  She even won a ribbon at the county fair. Wouldn’t the person who started this quilt be so proud that somebody cared enough to finish her beautiful work of art?
 In a way – I think my mom saw the beauty in another’s hard work and felt that it was a shame to see it unfinished. She has a super sweet spirit that way. I am lucky to have this woman as my mother.
Beautiful quilt Mom!
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20 Replies to “My Mom’s Quilt”

  1. Your quilt is gorgeous, Holly! Your mom's handwork is absolutely exquisite. What a treasure you have!! I can appreciate the hours she put into this beautiful piece of art because my grandmother was a quilter.Mary Alice

  2. oh my gosh that is beautiful!! A big thumbs up to your mom, she is a talented lady. I have some quilt pieces that my mamaw started and never finished and I want to one day be able to finish them. But first i want to make a quilt with my daddys old western shirts. Hopefully that will be one project that I actually finish. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful story and lovely pictures of the two of you. There is nothing like MOM!!! I miss mine everyday of my life. The quilt is just gorgeous and I am happy she finished it.Cynthia

  4. Kudos to your mom! That is a beautiful quilt. How wonderful that she was able to finish it — such a wonderful treasure!

  5. OH WOW! Your mother has a lot of patience. This quilt is beautiful, as is your mother. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

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