Summer Farmers Market

One thing I am enjoying this year is the new Farmers Market near our home.
My family and I can walk there on Saturday afternoons to pick out fresh fruits, vegetables, soap, seafood and meat from our local farmers. Those strawberries are so fresh – still warm from the sun. There is even a booth where they make big fresh glazed donuts…I have to stay away from that section but it gets the kids there.
This is what we brought home today – along with a pork roast but nobody wants to see a photo of raw meat. The little pot is filled with oregano and basil and only cost me $3 with the old perfectly warn terracotta planter.
Green and red leaf lettuce, green beans, peas, beets, tomatoes and strawberries.
Last weekend I purchased this handmade lavender soap, It smells so wonderful.
I feel good about supporting local farmers AND feeding my family fresh food.

Last week we walked Mazi to market with us…she was too high maintenance with her socializing so she didn’t get to come this time. I am trying to grow her hair out around her face….she looks so shaggy but she’s such a little teddy bear.
If you have a farmers market near you – it is worth the trip. The produce and meat are ‘hands down’ so much better than the grocery store. If you don’t know of a market close by – do a Google search to find one and support your local farmers.
See how you can make the very best strawberry freezer jam HERE

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  1. We love Farmer's Markets too and have a Saturday one on Main Street and live walking distance to a seasonal farm market. Our growing season is much later so we still have a wait until they open. Mazi is really cute and your veggies and roast will make some wonderful fresh meals.

  2. That basket has some healthy (and colourful) vegetables and fruits.Lucky to have a farmer's market close by.Enjoyed reading this.

  3. Lucky you!! I wish we had a farmer market within walking distance. It sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday!!PS…my daughter would fall in love with Mazi!! I can see why she made lots of friends πŸ™‚

  4. We love our local farmer's market too! Lucky you to be within walking distance. How do you prepare your beets???Beautiful post… mouthwatering! xoxo jules

  5. Walking to a farmers market…oh so \”cool\”!!! My daughter picked blueberries and strawberries yesterday (drove about 25 min. from home). You are so lucky to have this so close by.Blessings,Linda

  6. We have a farmers market in town on Saturdays and Tuesdays. I haven't been there yet this year, but I will be going many times this summer. You're right, the fresh food can't be beat, alone with the plants and flowers, crafts, eggs, well, all of it!

  7. I LOVE the farmers markets near us! We have one in our town every Saturday and there is another near Lucketts that is open every day. They both have the best fresh produce, breads, jams, salsa, even cut flowers! I haven't found one that sells meats yet, but I've heard there is one nearby. It's so good to eat fresh, healthy food and to support our local farmers! I miss it so much during the off season. You just can't beat the quality when compared to what the grocery stores offer! Mazie looks so cute with her little hair bow! Hugs, Leena

  8. Now I am craving fresh fruit and vegetables πŸ™‚ I haven't forgotten to make Mazi some bows–I was looking for some natural colored bands but I can't find any that don't pull the hair too much. So I will just make them with the black bands–should be fine for her anyway. She is so cute–I always love bows in dogs hair–my Daisy and Dafney get compliments on their bows all the time πŸ™‚ So sorry I didn't get to making her some bows sooner–I am sure they will look adorable on her!

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