A Project I Love…still

I am a girl who changes things around my house pretty often. Less, since our move last year into a rental home but I want to share some more pictures of a recent project that I am so glad I did.
A couple of months ago I painted a checker board top on our family dining table.
You can see that post HERE.

I am just giving a little update to tell my readers that THIS was one project that I am so happy that I did.
One of my favorite pieces of furniture I own – a workbench that was handed down to me from a sweet friend. Sturdy and heavy as anything.
All our homework supplies and games fit on the shelf below for easy access. I wanted to tell you, also, that the top was originally plywood with lots of holes. When I wanted to use it for dining – I went to the lumber store and purchased a thin piece of birch sheet wood and glued it to the top. Then I caulked the seam with black caulking and used clamps to hold it in place to dry for a few days. The birch wood was around $20. It stained dark beautifully.
But the shiny dark finish showed every little crumb.
After I applied the flat shine and distressed white and dark color-
the little messes are so much less noticeable. 
Which – makes me very happy. This table is the center of everything….games, homework, entertaining and family conversation (which is getting so much more interesting as our kids get older – 10 year old boys are so dang fun!).
Plus…we enjoyed our long Memorial Day weekend – not so much at our awesome dining table but in our little backyard. Green grass – I love green lush grass (drives the hubby nuts).
So did Mazi – my 7 month old Morkie. I have fallen in love with her. 5 pounds and so super sweet. She goes potty outside and she learned to fetch…..good girl (said in a high pitch/singsong voice that embarrasses the boys so bad!)
She wasn’t cheap but she is worth every penny and more.
I hope you all have projects and ‘things’ in your life that you absolutely love.
Summer is right around the corner – we have some fun plans – hope you do too!