Rustic Island Redo

Want to see what I was working on last week?
I created this island for Kristin and Liam out of some old cabinets.

Painted in a slate color (a special mix of a few).
The family wanted this wine rack that was given to them incorporated into the island.
So I rebuilt the rack to fit on one end. It was 4 inches too wide so I made a frame the size I needed it to be. I attached it to the wine rack and cut the piece down to size with my table saw.
I wasn’t exactly sure how to do this at first but it worked out in the end….

On the back of the island I applied new and old wood.

(some of these pictures I took with my phone… =/ )
I used 2×6’s and 2×4’s to make the legs chunky.
1×6’s for the feet.
Add two wooden brackets to the back for the butcher block top overhang.
The butcher block top was from the house that Liam grew up in. I rubbed it with some dark walnut and a bit of ebony stain.

I hand pick the wood so that I get pieces with good rough character.
(the guys at the lumber store used to think I was crazy – I made them look up my blog)
I seal the painted island with satin laquer.  Laquer is not usually recommended because it can eat up the paint….that’s exactly why I use it.
(I don’t have a tutorial on exactly how to do this – you just have to play around with it to see what works for you)

I painted a lot of the island black first so that when the laquer eats the paint up here and there – the black will show through. This picture above is an example.
We were going for a RUSTIC, OLD and FUNKY look….
I think we “nailed” it!
BOLD statement piece for this kitchen remodel.
(I love when people are brave enough to let me do these projects in their home)
Thank you Liam and Kristin!

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THAT. IS. AWESOME. Absolutely love it!


Ok I have to say WOW even though tons of people already did 😉 That looks so good! So glad I found your blog, I love this island!

Natalie, Cory, and Harper

Can you please skip on over to Alabama and help me with an island. I've got it in my head to start this project but am at a loss as to how I want to start. Would love to borrow your How-To and Will Power for a day!!-Natalie

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Wow, girl you have talent! Not only is that island large and gorgeously chunky, but the finish is awesome. I'm sure they will love it.


Holly this is amazing!!


BEYOND amazing Holly! You inspire me!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode

BOLD indeed…just my kinda statement, girl! Amazing!


They are brave enough, because they know you are just that good enough. Fabulous job!!~

fiona anderson

You did an amazing job. I really wish I had room for an island too !


What a fantastic job. I love it! Kathy


Fabulous!!! As is everything you do.Kathy


Wow! That is beautiful. Great job!Carolyn {my simple messterpiece}

Shabby chic Sandy

All these busy people–this looks fantastic! Great color. TFS

Wild Oak Designs

This is so wonderful. What a great, great job!! Love your pictures…


Aye Yay Yay, that is crazy gorgeous. The finish is so beautiful and I want a butcher block like that for my home. Very nice.


Holly, I really love it! You always do such beautiful work!!~ Jamie

Katie Sue

That is amazing! I love your island transformations.Katie

All Things Chic 2

Amazing!!!WorkBlessings Lori


O'Holly, what an AMAZING re-do! You are so talented and creative. Come live by me or can I come and live by you? Enjoy your day, Gail


Outstanding! This is jaw-dropping gorgeous…if only I had a kitchen that could have an island this big!

The Other Me Is Sane

what a unique and beautiful piece. You can do my kitchen any time!


Wow!! I love it.


You are amazing!!!!


So from now on, I'm gonna read labels and when it says don't use with paint, or whatever, because it will some how destroy or alter the original finish – then that is the stuff I will buy and use.~Bliss~

Holly @ Bella Nest

Fabulous as always! I'd love to know how you learned how to build. I attempted to build a window frame (I mean, how hard could that be!) but only have a skill saw to work with and it was impossible for me to cut them straight! I need to take a Down to Earth Building for Beginners class!


Oh wow, fabulous.


I love how that turned out! That was such a good idea to put the wine rack in the end. I bet they love it!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

Gorgeous! I was just telling my husband yesterday about your amazing islands! I wish you lived close to me! I love everything you put your hands on!~Shanon

Heather @ The Junktion

This is AMAZING! I want one. I love it. You are so incredibly talented. Great job!!!!

A Thrifted Market

Wow!!!! You did awesome on this…you are great with some power tools. Impressive!

Herballistic Garden

This is beautiful! What brand of satin laquer did you use? And, when you say it eats up the paint…do you have to do anything else to it to stop it where you want it to stop? Could you do a tut on this?xo wendy