Where did you learn that?

I am at my Mom’s house in Utah…
My Mom sews and decorates wonderfully…
Look how she layered her handmade table runners to pull in some Spring color.
The ceilings in this house are vaulted which leaves a lot of room above the cabinets.
Look how beautifully accessorized they are…
The staggered heights and different textures are lovely.
(use boxes and books to help)
Notice the window treatments …
This is a huge great room.  The breakfast nook features a large bay window. 
A mix of panels and valances with coordinating fabrics are used throughout the whole space.
The panels are only for decor purposes so there’s no need to use full length rods in this area. Wooden rods were cut at about 15 to 18 inches and sprayed in flat black paint.  Then finished off with chunky ball finials.
A simple, clean and custom look.
After my mom and I decided this was the best way to do this….
I thought that using bathroom towel rods would work in just the same way.
My Mom made a casing out of the black and white fabric for the window valances that came with her blinds. 
(I would have hot glued them but my mom doesn’t take short cuts like me.)
Black ribbon is used as tie backs for the panels.
The center bay window is already really fancy so an iron scroll topper is just enough.
Friends and clients ask me all the time…
“Where did you learn that?”
From My Mom
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You are so lucky girl!You have a MOM!My is on haven 27 years ago.Bless both:)))

Jim Thomson

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I see that all that incredible talent runs in this family! Every single detail is perfection. Her home is gorgeous, just like yours :Carolyn{my simple messterpiece}

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint

Beautiful! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower! Best,Anne ♥♥

Dusty McRae

You have just been tagged on my blog-you might want to check it out REAL soon :)Hope you are having a wonderful week.Hugs and many blessings,


Oh Holly I love this post!! I too have learn so much from my mom.. Aren't we lucky. Your mom is darling just like you and her jacket in this post is way too cute… Her home is SO homey I love it.


It's obviously in the blood! 😉 Thank you for posting pics of her kitchen! I am in the market for new window coverings, and I love the roman type shades and then the longer drape – it all coordinates so well!!! Super cute!


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All things are beautiful!!Just Magic!!!!


What an absolutely adorable photo of you and your mom. I love that you get your decorating ability from her. Her house is wonderful.Laura


What an awesome post! Your Mother's home is just beautiful! I definitely get most of my \”style\” from my Mom too. I just love the picture of the two of you together!!~ Jamie


Holly, your Mom has a beautiful home but that picture of the two of you is just priceless!


The pic of you and your mom is fantastic! Must be so wonderful to share that with her! My mom usually looks at me like I a have three heads when we talk about decorating….so we just don't talk about it! hee hee

Adriane-Pages from Home

How cute! So you are closer to me visiting Utah…you'll have to come and visit Washington sometime! Oh yeah, and you can come and give me some decorating tips too! lol!Adriane


The best part of this post? That pic of you and your mom!!!xoShannon(www.akadesign.ca)

reFresh reStyle

Love your mom's home! You two are precious! So glad to meet you!Debbie

The Bold Abode

Oh, Holly! Your mom is as cute and awesome as you are! Now, I know where your get it… I miss my MOM!!!

Sharing Shadymont

Beautiful home! Gorgeous photo of the two of you!!!!


Two lovely ladies. (Every other comment I was starting to write I noticed someone else thought the same thing – that makes all those nice comments true!).~Bliss~


What a sweet and precious post! I miss my mom, but I sure enjoy my daughter! She's a great teacher!

Holly @ Bella Nest

How sweet, Holly! Moms are the best!


Such a great post! I love the last picture…so cute!Sallyloveofhomes.blogspot.com


Awww…love it! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? Great post 🙂

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

What a beautiful photo of you and your mom. Great post!


What a sweet pic of you and your mom. She taught you well. Her house is beautiful.

Shabby chic Sandy

What a sweet post! Your Mom's home is beautiful:)

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking

You've been lucky to have your mom to learn things from. The photo is wonderful!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Your mom's home is so stylish and full of great ideas! Love the photo of you both.

All Things Chic 2

You are very blessed to have your mom here with you to share your love for home decor , her home is lovely…Blessings Lori

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home

Your mom's home is beautiful and that picture of the two of you is priceless…I hope you have it framed somewhere!

Herballistic Garden

Awww…that's so nice! Her house is beautiful! Lucky you to have such a talented mommy to pass the genes onto you! xo wendy