Where did you learn that?

I am at my Mom’s house in Utah…
My Mom sews and decorates wonderfully…
Look how she layered her handmade table runners to pull in some Spring color.
The ceilings in this house are vaulted which leaves a lot of room above the cabinets.
Look how beautifully accessorized they are…
The staggered heights and different textures are lovely.
(use boxes and books to help)
Notice the window treatments …
This is a huge great room.  The breakfast nook features a large bay window. 
A mix of panels and valances with coordinating fabrics are used throughout the whole space.
The panels are only for decor purposes so there’s no need to use full length rods in this area. Wooden rods were cut at about 15 to 18 inches and sprayed in flat black paint.  Then finished off with chunky ball finials.
A simple, clean and custom look.
After my mom and I decided this was the best way to do this….
I thought that using bathroom towel rods would work in just the same way.
My Mom made a casing out of the black and white fabric for the window valances that came with her blinds. 
(I would have hot glued them but my mom doesn’t take short cuts like me.)
Black ribbon is used as tie backs for the panels.
The center bay window is already really fancy so an iron scroll topper is just enough.
Friends and clients ask me all the time…
“Where did you learn that?”
From My Mom