Happy New Year @ Laura’s House

A Way Fun Happy New Year Party hosted by Laura & Alex

A few years ago Laura hired me to help her decorate her lovely home.
We quickly became friends and had a blast tackling each project.  Laura has a wonderful style all her own and she’s very brave to think outside the box.
She embraced my “outside the box” thinking as well. A perfect team – I think.
Here are some inspiring pictures of our accomplishments:
The Den
I found these old barn doors at a salvage store along with two others (used in Jake’s room as a headboard – see that on my Kid Spaces page).
 What a perfect backdrop for this rustic and cozy den.

I repainted them using a crackle finish in some areas so the original grey color would show through.
The hardware was original and had been painted over several times so I just put black metal paint over them so the iron would stand out against the red.
 We anchored these heavy doors to a wall stud so they won’t topple over.
  A hole was cut and covered with pet wire for the air return vent in the wall.
(by the star on the floor)
Laura picked out the warm red color… it’s beautiful!
I put pet wire on the top openings – for some reason they were empty.
Laura hung some twiggy wreaths on them for a perfect little accent.
The No. 12 is Laura’s house number.
I helped Laura re-arrange the furniture in this room but she did the accessorizing in this area.
  She finds the coolest accents.
If I remember right, this is where all the cords are hidden – behind a large panel of wood propped up against the wall behind this open shelf stand.  The panel is one of the shelves – but we needed to camouflage the cords so it serves a better purpose around back.
Laura had this grand idea for window panels.  I brought those iron accents/buttons home from a favorite store I shop at in Utah.  The panel is burlap with grommets and the rope is just tied to the Large Iron Buttons.
These little owls are precious.  I don’t know where Laura finds these sweet things.
This art deco style canvas print was located where the barn doors are now.
  That piece had to stay in the room for the eclectic vibe it gives this space.
It fits this side wall perfectly.
The thing that is so right about this room is the scale of the art and accents.
This is one thing that I see homeowners struggle with….scale.
 When it comes to art and wall accents – Bigger is better!
I made the bench underneath with reclaimed cedar from a local barn that was being demolished.
Well – there is a lot more of this beautiful home I will share with you.
But for today…
this is a great bit of inspiring home decor!
Thank you to Laura and Alex for some great party fun and
 some incredible home inspiration.
{Happy New Year}
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Magnolia Cottage -Life as we Know it!

I love the barn doors and the bench you created with reclaimed cedar from a local barn. I look forward to following along in 2012 Hope you will join me @ Magnolia Cottage!HAPPY NEW YEAR!Lisa

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home

Man…I love those barn doors….I really like the mixture of items…thanks for sharing!


By the looks of that bar, I'd bet that y'all had a grand time! Ha! I really love those red barn doors in her family room. What a great idea. I can see your \”signature\” in various places of her house.