How to Make a Window Ledge for Plants


Are we all ready for spring or is it just me?

The snow is great and all but after taking a little ski trip yesterday, I came home dreaming of flowers and plants and green grass!

Here’s a little back story to this story.

Luke, one of my sons, wanted a living plant wall in his room (yet to share this room). For Christmas I bought him many, many, many miniature plants to put in this….

I ordered two of these from Amazon (link).

We nearly filled all the cubbies with living plants from Home Depot and Lowes.

After a few weeks the plants struggled a bit. I then replaced most of the cubbies with faux greens. I saved many of the living ones and nursed them back to health.

To keep them happy I wanted them to get plenty of sun and live their best life.

I gathered pots that I already had but still needed more. Walmart had these white ones with the bottom trays attached. I knew I’d be putting them in a group so the more I could get alike the better. This style comes in three different sizes. They were affordable too.

Most of the plants are doing well, although we lost many.

The other part of the story is that I am not sad about the living wall not working out quite as we envisioned. I now can use those plants here on these shelves that I made.

Here’s how:

I ordered 4 of these brass brackets from Amazon (link).

I bought 6 inch wide common board from Home Depot and cut them to fit the middle window. Sanded the edges and stained them in true brown.

For height I decided to line the top shelf up to be just under the center of the window lines. The bottom one is placed at a distance that fits medium and small planters.

A single shelf would look good too but I wanted a bigger statement.

They get nice sun and since they are right here in a main living space I tend to them often.

I rotate them and water them a couple of times a week.

The other part of the story is that I have very little wall space to decorate because of all of our windows.

So having these window ledges creates a focal point in our dining room without blocking the natural light that flows in.

I even hung a little heart wreath there for Valentine’s day.

If you follow along on Instagram (here) you may already know that this room is a bit of a struggle for me to get right.

I’m thinking it needs a ceiling treatment or something like that.

This was a super easy DIY that serves many purposes. I have a more interesting view, a healthy grow spot for our plants and a new space to decorate and change up for the seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Try it in your home. I always thought it would look really cool in a kitchen sink window too.

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