Neutral & White Window Panels


I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since we moved into this house. Our family room has had nothing on the windows that whole time!

The reason is because I loved the open feel and all the natural light coming into the back of our home.

Once the leaves fell off the trees last fall we were in a bit of a “fish bowl” with only one neighbor that could really see into the house.


To be honest, it took me at least that long to decide what I wanted on the windows and after a lot of shopping around and searching for the right thing here is what I came up with.

IKEA lets you shop on line for more items now and they ship. YAY! Our IKEA is well over an hour away and while the trip would be worth it, I never went. Luckily I was able to order what I wanted on their website. The experience was great too. (not sponsored).


The walls in this room are white (Eider White by SW), the trim around the windows is a brighter white (Pure White by SW) and the curtains are in between but very warm. If you look closely you can see there are sheers, double rods and solid white panels. I have had the RITVA panels before in one of our houses, I think in our Delaware house many years ago. They were $39.99 per PAIR for 118″ long panels. I couldn’t buy fabric for that! The LILL sheers are a gauzy type fabric and you won’t even believe that they are $5 per pair. I have purchased these several times before for clients and myself, however, they used to come in a much longer length. Since they are a bit short I tuck them behind the solid panels. In the Summer I like to pull a sheer over sunny windows to keep the house cool.


Both ways are petty because I love windows and natural light but the fabric makes this room feel cozy. It’s a big white room with high ceilings. The curtains make it feel more homey and comfortable.

The fireplace bump out even looks better with the flowy fabric.



The furniture in here is always changing so if you noticed that the coffee table is different you are right. It is. I love the round shape and warm wood top. The legs are painted in the same color as the dining room (Dark Olive by Ben Moore).


It was basically because of the dining room that I went with these neutral curtains in here because I didn’t want patterns or colors to compete because this is an open concept floor plan.

It’s taking me a long time to get this house just the way I want it but that is the beauty of a “lived in” place. It does take time to make a house a home and the more days we are here the more I love it.


If you have any questions about these curtains or need advice on your own window coverings leave a comment below or email me at



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I hope you are all doing well  and I thank you for your visit.

Have an amazing week!


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It took me a long time to finally dress up our Living Room picture windows because I loved the openness of it, until the neighbors were gawking one day and accusing us of silly things, now we enjoy the privacy the window coverings offer as well as the coziness and color. I love the look of your home! 😉

Tricia Mascola

I like the natural light too, but sometimes a room needs a little texture. Just another layer to add depth. Nice pick on your part, still light and airy but able to get light.