It’s Spring in the Foyer and on the Porch

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Hello Gorgeous!

I can’t even tell you how refreshing it feels to have Spring here. Of course, most likely you are living it too.


The one place in our home that reflects the season so far is our entry.

DSC_0482We have ferns, coleus and lanterns adorning our entry steps.

Ms. Mazi is going to show you the foyer too. We did a little DIY project over the weekend to bring in some casual, rustic Spring decor to the entry.

DSC_0485Our front door wreath is from Homegoods but I layered in a vine wreath to bulk it up. My sweet neighbor let me have this fabulous bench since she was getting new patio furniture this week. I am so super grateful.

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On Friday I finally took down my Christmas Village above my kitchen cabinets. My village has a lot of meaning to me since my sweet mama made it for me. I knew it was going to be emotional so I delayed it for months. I had propped up some of the houses with scrap wood. When I found these painted white wood pieces under the village it inspired me to make a simple home accent with them.


In all honesty I made a tutorial video on how to make them. When I reviewed the video I realized me cleavage was showing too much when I leaned over and I decided to scratch that one. I am not comfortable in front of a camera anyway but when you wear the wrong shirt it’s worse…eye rolls!


The sconces are simply made with a wood scrap, a plumbing clamp and a ball jar. You just have to screw the clamp into the wood, cinch the jar inside the clamp and fill with flowers. I didn’t want to remove the salsa label so I attached burlap ribbon with a hot glue gun and tied some rope around it.


You may think it strange to hang them under my foyer wall light sconces but this is seriously my favorite space to change up in our home. It’s high traffic with great light.

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The gold mirror is a little fancy so adding these casual, cottage style floral sconces brings in the eclectic mix I love.

It’s a Springy touch that is unexpected and a little bit interesting.

See more on instagram (HERE)

Happy Spring!

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These turned out so cute. Love it Holly. I’m telling you I swoon over the lantern when I see it. Your mirror in the foyer is very pretty. Believe you mentioned getting it at Goodwill. Ours stinks.

Miss Mazi can stick her tongue out all she wants the cute little girl .