Let Your House Shine & a Glimpse at the 2nd Floor

As I drove through the neighborhood tonight I noticed some exterior lights that seem to come on automatically at dusk. Some people turned on their porch lights which I think makes a home look like friendly place.

The house above has five hanging pendants on the porch. Wow! They must be extra friendly.

I loved the lit up hanging ball lights at either corner of this porch. Can you see them? It looks super pretty from the street.

A lot of the homes have landscape lighting that illuminate the house itself.

Many homes have some intricate details put into the exterior. What better way to show your homes character than letting it shine bright at night.

Do you have landscape lights?
If your landscaping is already in and you don’t want to go to the expense of installing new try these.
Something like this could do the trick.  Plug it in with a timer to come on at dusk.
Last Christmas my parents gave us an exterior plug in light that sticks in the ground, kind of like the one above. We haven’t used it yet but I love when a front door or an ornamental tree is lit up in the yard. Especially if your street is dark or near the back patio.
The days are getting slightly longer and today was 70 degrees here in Virginia. I love this time of year but I find myself wishing the days away so I can move into my own home.
Do you want to see what’s going on at our house?
It still looks pretty rough but I realize there are inspections and lots of internal work that takes place at this stage.
The plumbers and HVAC guys have been here.
I can hardly wait to take a bath in that soaking tub.
Did you know that we bought this house just by seeing it on paper? Only last week were we able to walk through a similar one that has sheet rock up.
I knew our closet had two sections to it but I wasn’t sure how that would turn out once built. One part is called the “dressing room”.
I am pleasantly surprised. Look how cute the ceiling lines will be and the angled walls look fun to decorate. I imagine it could be an easy and sweet space to dress up but knowing myself – it will be covered in boxes for months or even years.
This is where my boys go every time we come to visit the house. It’s the attic…we aren’t even finishing that at this point. Pretty sure it will be on our to do list soon. Might be a fun future adventure to build a room with my teenage boys.
Guess I better get to work so I can help pay for it.
Have a super fun weekend!
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Michele Alger

Super cute house! The thing I missed the most from our previous house was the soaker tub. I loved that so much, it took me years to get over! I can't wait to see how it all comes together. XOXO!!

Emily Bates

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Casas grandes e provavelmente repletas de conforto. Cumprimentos Holly.

At Rivercrest Cottage

I can't even imagine how excited you all are to get this done and move in. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it once it gets turned over.

Katie Mansfield

Your neighborhood looks amazing. I can't wait to see more of your house.

Audra @ Renewed Projects

I love that attic space! That's where I'd want my room. Look forward to the final reveal.


Your new house is really coming along. I bet you are excited to see it coming together. I love all the porch lights especially the first house you showed. Those are pretty awesome. We have a timer on our porch lights. They go on at dusk and then we have the timer set to have them turn off at dawn. Happy Weekend.Hugs,Kris