Spring Decor on Open Shelving

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First of all, I want to thank you for your comments and responses to my last post about Living with Grief. When I started this blog in late 2011 I didn’t realize that I was opening myself up to making life long friendships. I love this blogging community so much.

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I haven’t been the best blogger in the last few years. It’s strange but when you don’t feel quite yourself it’s hard to express anything inspirational. Anyway, I finally feel more settled in life at the moment. Moving is such a hard thing. It always sounds exciting and in a way it is but I am over it.

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I didn’t feel great last night so I crawled into bed a little earlier than normal. I flipped through my Southern Living Magazine and admired the homes featured there. I still love to flip the pages in books and magazines.


Viewing these pretty homes made me realize how many projects I still want to do to our new construction home to give it some personality. The boy’s rooms, bathrooms, our bedroom and the hall upstairs.

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Last weekend I installed open shelving in our dining room. I wanted an airy feel but not too formal. I added my wood cutting board collection along with some bunny art that I found at Homegoods a few weeks ago. I know the bunnies look like baby room decor but I couldn’t pass them up. I just smile every time I look at them.

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The avocado green canisters are from my grandma’s house. She passed away in 2014. I love having just a few of her vintage things scattered around my home.

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I have always loved birds but especially after losing a few people that I love. I want to see them more and more. I have this little birdhouse inside but I love to feed the little birds in my yard too. I hope to make my new backyard a haven for beautiful birds to visit and make their nests. If you follow me on Instagram you can see my new backyard come together in my stories and you can also watch the squirrel drama with our bird seed that I keep right outside our family room windows.

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Our dining room was meant to be formal but I make it as casual as I can with my DIY dining table, open shelving (because I don’t have any in my kitchen) and the simplicity of our decor in here.

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I ordered the gold brackets from Amazon, the wood slats are stained common boards from Home Depot. They are 8 inches deep but I am thinking about adding another layer on top of them in 10 inch width to make them chunkier and to give myself more options for display pieces.


I don’t know about you guys but it is still pretty cold here in Virginia. We get little warm days that tease us into thinking it’s spring and then….COLD!

Have a super fun weekend!

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Karen K

I remember when you were trying to decide what to put on that dining room wall. Well, it looks great! I love all the fresh green colors & the brass that goes with it.


Looks like a nice Spring refresh. Pretty to look at, I love that you have something of your grandma’s.