Repurposing an Old Fence into a Table & Fall Accents

Check out that twiggy wreath! I basically stole it from my mom. (No, she takes hints well and gave it to me, she’s sweet like that.) 🙂
On the main wall in the breakfast nook I had made an up-cycled console table for a TV. The TV was sitting where you see the pumpkins.
After the boys had several fights over the Play Station downstairs, it was worth it for me to give up watching the news in the kitchen and hooking up a second gaming console in another room for a little peace from the fighting.
That wall sat bare for a few days but gave me a place to put some fall decor.
Yesterday I pulled out some old faux pumpkins and spiced that area up using the rusty grate that I featured on Project Challenge in September and that awesome wreath that I have been eyeing at my mom’s house for years.
Next to that table is where we drop mail, homework supplies and it is also a charging station for our phones, etc.. (the whole kitchen is actually a dropping area, even though we have a mudroom – ugh – it’s just the way we live)
You can see to the right is our stair railing and the foyer wall, which is covered in rock.
Want to see more of that console?
You might remember our laundry room folding table from our home in VA –

Our laundry room in our current house is shaped differently so that table no longer fit for serving the same purpose

I wish I would have taken pictures as I took the fence (table top) apart. Sorry that I don’t have photos to show the transformation but I used a circular saw to break apart the cross beams on the back of the fence.

You can see how the legs are the same, only closer together to make a more narrow table. The original slats were places on top, front and I even had enough for a small shelf.

A few cuts with the miter saw were required to get the fence pieces back together in it’s new form but to be honest, it was a super easy project that I was able to do in about an hour.

I am missing my TV, now that it has been gone for over a week, however, I’m not missing the sound of my boys bickering. Peace!

Thanks for dropping in!

Happy Friday to y’all!


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Love it Holly. The gate and wreath are so awesome. Happy Week End.Kris


I love the way that looks! I like how you mixed the rustic wood with the old grate above it. Your home already looks lived in now! You are fast! I know all too well about giving up the tv for a gaming one. We have one in our kitchen that is used by our 14 yr old son for Xbox. He also uses our desktop computer to play games on and uses skype to converse with his friends while doing so. He wears headphones and a microphone. He has taken over our kitchen for gaming! So, we just use… Read more »

Katie Mansfield

Cute, cute. I love your grate and wreath.