Christmas Mantel 2014

Here are the most recent pictures of our fireplace mantel….

Deer head on the lower part of the mantel.
Paper whites.
An old window layered with galvanized tin roofing & mirror with natural and recycled accents.
Brewery growler, owl and pine cones.
Wine bottles wrapped in burlap and topped with candles.
Old wood, pine cones and evergreen.
Scented candles.
Birch and kindling.
The candles and twinkle lights make it festive and beautiful.
Thanks for viewing my mantel.

14 Replies to “Christmas Mantel 2014”

  1. I love your natural elements. I've done natural so this year is popping with color, but I must admit that my heart screams whites and neutrals. Love your mantle. As always, you know how to create beauty.

  2. LUV!!! I too went with a natural theme this season. Pine branches, pine cones, magnolia branches and a aux magnolia flower, vines… but mine is no where as luvly. So redoing mine now. Hahahaha..The a big drawback, my TV. yes, above the fireplace, so I have to keep it low key.Going back for another peek.

  3. It's really beautiful! I like how you added a deer head to the front. The greenery, paperwhites, and candles all look so elegant together. I like how you numbered the candle holders too. That fits in perfectly with your décor.

  4. Your mantel is wonderful, Holly. You always come up with the best ideas to make your displays unique and interesting. Of course, I adore the backdrop you made with the old window and other great materials!Mary Alice

  5. What a lovely mantle. I really like how the galvanized tin roof compliments the deer head. Bringing in the owls gives it an even more feeling of nature. It all looks great. love ya, mom

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