Burlap & Muslin Knot Wreaths

Burlap adds such a great natural texture to almost any decor. Cutting it? It’s a mess! I’d rather work with muslin fabric.
So when I wanted to make burlap wreaths, I decided to make them with Burlap and Muslin together.

This is a square frame made with branches and twine then wrapped and tied in burlap at each corner and muslin strips fill the sides. Jingle bells dangle in the center.
This next one is an old vine wreath that was a little “lack luster”.
I tied 12 x 1 inch muslin strips around the back and then about seven strips around the whole wreath for a stripe effect.
Simple double knots.
I love the contrast of light flowing fabric with dark natural vine.
The next one is a version of the same as above only using muslin and burlap together.
I alternated 5 strips of burlap and 5 strips of muslin and tied a burlap bow in the center.
Muslin, Burlap, Vine and Jingle Bells…
Neutral with great texture and easy to make.
Enjoy your weekend –  T.G.I.F.
see more about wreath HERE.


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  1. These are great! I tried this on my own one time and didn't think it was good enough. I see yours and I love them. I guess we are always more critical of ourselves. Think I'll try it again.

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