Kindling & Nature Bucket Decor

Today I am sharing this bucket filled with what might be kindling for a fire and some cinnamon scented pine cones. The ornament is a branch cut into half inch pieces and a number stencils to one side.

The natural textures and patina on the metal bucket speak winter…and we all of the sudden got cold where I live.
The scent of cinnamon…
A home accent that would be super cute on the fireplace hearth for winter. This one went to the shop.
Have a warm and cozy weekend!
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9 Replies to “Kindling & Nature Bucket Decor”

  1. It's gotten really cold where I live too. I dislike winter a lot, but at least the thought of cozy kindling and cinnamon sound good, Holly! Love the bucket!

  2. Good Morning Holly,It has really gotten cold here in Chicago land. We are suppose to get 1 to 3 inches of snow later today too. Ughh! Winter is here! I like this idea. I need a couple of neighbor gifts this year and I think I will make something like your bucket up for them. They have fireplaces so this might be a sweet gift to give. I have seen the scented pine cones in the grocery store and I know they make the house smell so good. Kris

  3. LUV!!! Just looked at my bucket all filled with dried hydrangeas and decided it was going to have undergo a change. I am so ready for the Fall stuffs to go back in the attack and Christmas to come out. This is a nice transition!!So stealing this idea!!Hugs, Gee

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