Winter Mantel with Metal

Changing our mantel is long over due. We have a huge hole in the wall above the mantel to hold a television. The TV was too high for viewing for my family so I place this large lettered window there to cover the opening.

The window frame is wood so layering other decor with it is pretty easy.  I just don’t switch it out very often. But, I did this morning.

Now, I realize that this idea with metal is kind of different for some but I am loving this corrugated roofing. Different is good, in my mind.

The industrial vibe and shine go well with our “entertainment center” (see post about that HERE).

The apples on the coffee table add some natural color and give a nod to the season. Even though it isn’t winter yet, our mornings feel so. Flipping a switch for an instant fire is nice but I sure miss the crackle of a real fire.
That little moss tree is just craft moss and baby pine cones dipped in mod podge then stuck to a peace of scrap bead board.
Since I wrote winter instead of fall on the chalkboard, I could be all set for a few  months. 🙂  We’ll see about that.
Hopefully my kids will notice these scrumptious apples to eat for a snack and skip the chips after school today.
Having projects to share with you feels darn good lately. 🙂 Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!!!
You can see more posts about this family room HERE.

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Rhonda Merry

What a great layering of texture on the mantel.. Love the window, metal and chalkboard.

Christine Vandormolen

great job as always Holly. I am also really digging that white and black striped rug in your family room!!!! xoxoxo

Katie Mansfield

I've never understood putting the T.V. above the mantel. I agree it is too high for comfortable viewing. I love, love the corrugated metal frame. It is adorable!


Love this mantel Holly. Looks awesome. I always love seeing that awesome coffee table you have too. Love the simple apples on that wonderful wooden beauty. Kris

wanderlust designs

The mantle is fabulous. I love your style. Changing things up can be very energizing Love, love!


I love it Holly! Looks beautiful as always. You have that special touch.

White Lace and Promises

This is spectacular. Right up my alley. I feel like I'm breaking my neck to watch my son and his wife's TV.Understand the need for change.


OH- I love it, Holly. It is perfect. We didn't do over the mantle TV either- I think they are hard to watch unless you are standing. xo Diana

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

I have never understood the whole over the mantle TV craze. I agree that it is too high for comfortable viewing and I would never want it as a focal point. I love what you've done to hide the hole. It looks great. xo Laura