It’s My Fall Porch… Lately

I actually have a fun porch to decorate for different seasons but I haven’t taken advantage of that… lately.

All I could muster up this year was this spool table, one pumpkin and some dry hydrangeas.
Some of my neighbors have gorgeous mums adorning their porch stairs. I just pulled out a candle, an old pot, my thankful pumpkin, some sweet mini pine cones and tiny faux pumpkins.
So far the ficus tree has been holding on out here with the lower temperatures. They are finicky trees….I am looking for a good, moist and sunny spot for them (I have two) inside for the winter.
Notice that I have changed the doors all back to original color? No, I don’t think it is more charming this way…I am just getting ready to return this place back to it’s original state, just in case we move (there is always a long, complicated story there……).
Last year I picked up this wreath on clearance at Target. Some of the bay leaves had fallen off so I filled the whole wreath in with faux twigs.
I wish I had more to share….this year I have been taking it easy with decorating and creating. I should get busy! 
Actually, I am busy making things. I just rented a space to sell my creations in a new store in town. I will fill you in on that another day.  I also took a job decorating a house of a friend close by. More on that another time, too, It’s exciting!
Well, happy fall decorating and have a super fun weekend!