Make a Chunky Bathroom Mirror Frame (no miter cuts)

I hope you all had an amazing summer. My family and I sure had fun. We went to the Outer Banks, NC and Utah for our vacations.

 We also had our picture taken with my whole family…..

I know you can’t see everybody very well  but these are ALL of my brothers, sisters, their spouses and all of our children with my parents. What a lucky day that was. It’s been so many years since we have all been together.

While we had our friend/photographer (klick photo) there at the park, I made him snap a shot of my little family, too. Aren’t my boys  sweet?….(proud mom)
Being “unplugged” all summer was a nice break but I sure miss blogging and keeping up to date with my blog friends. It’s great to be back!

Today I am going to share one of the few projects I made this summer….

My brother and sister in-law have a beautiful home. The basement was just recently finished. There was no mirror above the new bathroom vanity. Here’s how we custom made our own in one afternoon for under $100.
Note: I have made this same sort of frame on a full mirror with just glue that was inspired by Sweet Pickins (HERE).
Since I didn’t bring any of my tools/saws on my vacation to Utah, I asked the guys at Home Depot to cut this pine wood for me. I measured the full length of the vanity and had two 1×6’s cut to that size – I also chose a small decorative molding to have cut at that exact same length. For the sides I measured from the top of the granite back splash to just under the light fixture. With that number – minus the width of two 6 inch boards (really they are more like 5 3/4 each) will give you the side wood length.  (why did I wear those stupid shorts?)

After distressing, staining and letting the wood dry I used liquid nails and finishing nails to secure each piece to the wall. The “grooves” on the wood edges to make it rustic were created with an x-act-o knife to peel wood chunks off, then sanded and stained.

We just hammered our nails in but my nail gun would have made this project even faster and easier.

Start from the bottom with one long piece of wood. I like the look of staggered corners so we (brother-in-law and I) applied the sides one inch in from the edge of the bottom piece. Using a level is important here.

Once the frame is all secured, decorate the top a little with a small decorative molding.
Take an accurate measurement of the inside of the frame and call your local window or glass company to cut a 1/4 inch thick mirror to your specific measurements. This one was done for us same day and only cost $40! Yay! Don’t forget to buy the mirror putty when you pick up your order.
Secure the mirror inside the frame with several golf ball size mounds of mirror glue. Attach and hold for about 1 minute.
The supplies were about $27 which included the wood and molding. Nails and stain I borrowed from my dad. 🙂 THX Dad! With the cost of mirror and mirror glue….the whole project turned out to be only about $70.

We did this same idea on some art in the other room….that project coming soon.

For other bathroom makeovers click HERE. See how I made this new pine look like old barn wood HERE.

Have a fun day!

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Looks Great! You'll never get the mirror off in one piece though, right? Not that you'll need to.I like solutions that can be changed without damage to wall or object. Looks great though.

Lynne Halloran

I really like how you designed your bathroom mirror frame. It made your bathroom look magnificent in a rustic way. And to think that you achieved the goal with a lower budget than expected. Anyway, thanks for sharing!Lynne Halloran @ SubUrban Glass

Lynne Halloran

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Leslie Harris

Hi Holly! I'm catching up on your blog and I'm so happy to hear about your family time. You look so relaxed and beautiful in these pictures! I especially love the one with your boys. What a handsome family. The frame sure looks great too. I really like that distressed look.

Christine Vandormolen

gorgeous mirror frame…what a difference!!!! I bet they wanted you to stay around for more home inprovement projects (I would)…

Debbie Browning

Hey Holly, we are so grateful you helped us construct our mirror. It looks awesome! Thanks again for helping us out. It's so nice to have it finally done.

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama

So glad you have enjoyed your unplugged time, but you have been missed here in blogland. Love the mirror! We recently redid my mama's bathroom and she is still looking for a mirror, im hoping she'll like this idea. Thanks for sharing

Lawanna Brown

Holly, we had such a wonderful time with your beautiful family this Summer. Love the chunky look of the bathroom mirror. Brad looks pretty pleased also. All of your bathroom makeovers are so unique and inviting. We all need a place to escape from everyone once in awhile, so why not spend a little extra cash on the place that no one dares to bother you. Ha,ha. love ya, mom

Vicki Slusher

I've missed your blog but glad you had a great summer to recharge! Can't wait for your projects!

Katie Mansfield

I love the frame. I'm so glad you are back!! I've missed you. I'm glad you had a great summer.

chateau chic

Glad to see you're back, Holly! Sounds like so much good family time over the summer.Mary Alice

BlueClearSky Elizabeth

Good to see you back, Holly. Those look like great family photos to have. It would be almost impossible to get our large group together now. The mirror turned out great. I have four bathroom mirrors needing frames, still, and I need to get busy on them.


great family pics–esp the one with your boys:) welcome back, holly! the mirror turned out great! happy weekend!

Gee Singh Newbanks

Welcome back! What a beautiful family Holly, and yes… wonderful boys! As a Mum of boys, I concur :)I too took an unplugged summer as I was busy most days of the week with watching our Bella. Happy Friday!Hugs, Gee


You have a beautiful family Holly, and I love the mirror and your tutorial! This would work great in our bathroom. Thank-you!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a fun summer! Love the mirror frame! It looks amazing!!


Did you apply anything after you distressed and stained? Looks beautiful!


welcome back! Great DIY!


Good to see you back Holly, but I also understand about unplugging. Looks like you had a great time with family & how blessed are your parents!?! Hugs – Lynn


What a fun summer you must have had! Your mirror is lovely and you can come visit anytime and build anything you want!

Leslie Marie Fry

What a lovely family. You are truly blessed. Awesome job on the mirror!