Paint Therapy

First of all Thank You for your sweet comforting words and prayers. This blog started as just a way to show my projects but it has become much more personal. I never expected to make friendships here but what a sweet blessing it is to have support from around the world.

Thank you!

Painting and decorating is good therapy for me. When I can’t change what is going on in my life then I start changing my house decor. It helps me focus my energy and makes me feel like I actually have control of something.

The foyer walls were in need of some touch up paint. A lot of dirty hand prints and shoe scuffs were showing up. A darker color in a foyer and staircase works better for my busy family of boys. So the walls went darker in Artichoke by Valspar (Lowe’s). (more photos to come – dark day here in VA)

Lowe’s is offering a coupon for a free 8 oz. paint sample. I got the coupon out of one of my magazines.You can get yours by requesting a coupon on Valspar’s Facebook page HERE.

The only coupon I think I have ever remembered to take with me lead me to — falling in love with this red color. It’s not a mixed color but one to use as a base for a mixed color. (?)

With two 8 oz. samples of Valspar Red Base I was able to coat my door in the happiest red I have ever seen. It looks so fun from the curb.

The grey/green that I chose earlier wasn’t doing much for the curb appeal.

The 5-1-9 is printed from my Cricut on sticky vinyl. I like the little hello that was there before but I felt like numbers would be better since I put these words out there….

Did you notice my no soliciting sign? I made that yesterday after a sales person tried to sell us meat. I guess he missed the community no soliciting sign as he entered the neighborhood. Door to door sales seems so old fashioned and a little bit unsafe. Unless it’s a fundraiser for kids – I don’t want it.

Well….Brighter days are on their way and I will be ready to greet them with a brighter front door.

Thank you all again for your sweet comments about my Grandma’s passing.

Enjoy your weekend!


P.S. – I need reading glasses. I have been misspelling words like crazy. Apologies!