Must Love Junk – Spotlight

Good Morning!
Today I feel a little “shifty” in my seat because I am on Saturday Spotlight at
I enjoy reading about the person behind the blog every Saturday,
but I am super shy when it is me.
There’s a bonus for stopping by though, you can scroll right past my ramblings and take a look at gorgeous decor like this…
That is Susan’s decorating at Must Love Junk.
She has a fresh, junky farmhouse style that is chic, laid back and pretty all together. And I always love a talented person that is also super sweet, like Susan.
Then you can jump over to see Kris at Junk Chic Cottage to read her spotlight today or just scroll on down to her super pretty dining room post.
Yes, that is a door on her ceiling. Kris is not afraid to be different and I love that!
Kris had sent me an email requesting to be part of the Saturday Spotlight in December…guess what I did? I completely ignored her. Sweet hu?! BUT BY ACCIDENT!!!  No excuses, just didn’t even see the email or something. So this gives me a chance to quickly say, if you have emailed me and not received a response back, please don’t take it personal. I am not a blogger snob…just uhm…I can miss stuff. That’s one thing I didn’t share in the spotlight today because I am not very proud of that.
One more thing… If you haven’t entered the Triple Heart Giveaway –
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Do you feel like I am bossing you around by telling you where to go next? Maybe being in the spotlight makes my head all big. No, no but I do feel guilty for not sharing a project of my own with you this week. We got 2 inches of snow for the second week in a row – you know what that means don’t ya? Well, the kids were home like 7 days for it. Crazy! At least they didn’t have to sleep at school or in Home Depot. Those poor people in Atlanta.
Thanks for stopping by today.