2014 Resolution on Old Wood

If you are like me, you may need a reminder of your New Years Resolution.  Even though I keep my resolutions simple—I can’t always remember the exact words. If I write them on paper, I will lose it.
So I used this piece of fence from my laundry room.
Using stencils and paint, I started with what was most important…POSITIVE…Be positive! That is what I stenciled pretty much center of the board. Then used a smaller stencil to paint the other words in random places.

All painted imperfectly on an imperfect piece of old fence wood.

The word art sits on top of my craft bench where I can see it daily. Recently, I placed our old entertainment/stereo console beneath the bench along with some craft drawers that aren’t very pretty.

To hide them, I used a piece of muslin fabric clipped to a curtain rod to look like a skirt. This is a piece of furniture I can see from my kitchen, so I want to hide the “ugly” stuff.

An old door is the backdrop.

Be Positive, Take Control, Live Well (healthy) and Love!

It may not be the most beautiful piece of art but the words remind me of my goals. I know what areas in my life they refer to so if I can keep focused on them, I will be in a better place next year.

Do you remember what your goals are this year? Write them where you will see them so you won’t forget.
Thanks for stopping by!
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Deborah@Green Willow Pond

Great idea! Love the rustic look with the old boards. I like the way you've set up your creative space with the old door and the curtained table. Beautiful!

Christine Vandormolen

I love the idea of the fabric hiding the stuff underneath the table….I have a dilemma in our Playroom right now with Robbies Lego table….But its not a wood table, so I would not be able to attach a curtain rod to it..darn it…..xoxoxo

Angie Lawson

Holly I just LOVE this amazing idea of yours! The exact thing happens to me too, that I will lose it or forget it, if it's only written on paper. I really admire your words and what you're focused on. It's what is truly important, everything else is just stuff, right!? I REALLY love the awesome idea with the curtain rod and muslin too! Thanks so much for the inspiration!–♥Angie


I love that piece of artwork you created out of old wood and paint! So unique. I like the message on it too. Love the idea of hiding things under the table with that material clipped to a rod as well. That makes all the difference and really softens the hard lines of the table.

chateau chic

Great idea to stay focused! Love the door behind it too!!Mary Alice

Leslie Harris

what a great idea. And I love your inspirational words too!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

I love it Holly!!

Angela Ryder

Great idea! Love the rustic touch! ~~Ang

Patty Sumner

I think your theme Words for the year are challenging and much needed for all of us! I love the way you use wood….You are one creative talented lady! I am always blessed by your creations..and your attitude.. Have a great Sunday! Blessings!

Katie Mansfield

Oh my. I love it and your craft area! What a great wall display.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Love it and what a fabulous way to be reminded. So clever and creative. Hugs, Marty


Your sign is beautiful to me! I love that you added music to your craft room! Think I'll do the same!


What a great idea. Perfect way to keep our resolutions front and center. xo Laura

White Lace and Promises

I think it's absolutely perfect! I love the old, rusty and crusty the best! The rougher the better. Love the vignette. Ideas, ideas, keep them coming!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

It looks great, and how great it is to have a visual reminder of your resolutions right where you can see them.

Jeanette@Creating A Life

What a cool idea, and looks so great!


It may not be beautiful (as you said) but it is perfect. What a great thing to greet you as you go through your day. Sometimes our NY's resolutions fall by the wayside within days. I really like the idea of printing it out somewhere. Love it- xo Diana