6 Painting Tips, a Winner and Thank YOU!

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So, as you can see from the photo above, I want to share with you some tips that I think make painting much easier and look more professional.
This is the before and after of the first painting of the stairs 
which you can see in THIS POST.
After a few months, I decided that I wanted the stairs to be a little lighter and brighter. I repainted the stairs and trim all white over the Artichoke color first. I paint my foyer entry trim and stairs at least once every year. High traffic areas get so dirty looking, even after they are cleaned.
TIP #1
Use a short hand brush with an angle. This one is my favorite…
Using a brush with a short handle keeps you close to your trim and in better control of where the paint lands.

Tip #2
Don’t get the brush too close to the edge. Give yourself a little space for error. Cutting in too close to the edge can results in this…
Tip #3
Fix that “Bloop!” with a small, small flat brush from your kids paint brush set or something like this…
Small touch ups need a small brush, and again stay close, don’t try to reach.
Tip #4
Wrap your paint brush up in plastic kitchen wrap in between coats to keep the brush from drying out and so you don’t have to wash your brush until your paint project is complete.
Tip #5
Use a caulk color that matches your trim. I still love white trim. If you don’t see your color at the store, use clear. MAKE SURE THE CAULK IS PAINT-ABLE… (I learned the hard way) 🙂
A very small hole at the tip will keep your caulk bead thin. Do you know how to use the caulking gun?
Don’t forget to stop the caulk flow by unlocking the little metal lever at the base of your gun while you pause between steps.  (again, I learned the hard way).
Houses continue to slightly shift over time so settling cracks are common but easy to fix. Doesn’t that look so much better?
I keep white trim paint in my garage at all times. These white risers are going to get smudged with shoe scuffs so if a magic eraser sponge won’t take care of them, a little touch up paint will. 
The left photo stair color is Artichoke by Valspar (Lowe’s brand).  The right is Ultra White by Valspar for the trim and risers. The treads are Ashland Slate by Benjamin Moore in Aura.
Tip #6
If you spend slightly more on your paint, like Ben Moore Aura, you will have better coverage, faster dry time and a thicker paint and that means less mess ups. I end up with Valspar paint a lot, not because I love it but because it’s convenient to pick up when I am at Lowe’s. For furniture or cabinets, it’s worth the trip to find Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams paint, in my own opinion.
Painting trim often keeps even the wall color more fresh looking. Hiring a professional to paint the trim along with your walls can increase your cost significantly so learning how to do the trim yourself will save you money. Your home will have a very crisp and clean look and feel, too. I hope this helps for your next DIY painting adventure!
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