NATURE…accents an industrial style bedroom

Our bedroom is ready for a little Christmas cheer!

Don’t be shy….come on in!
I want to share some new accents in our Industrial-Shab Master Bedroom.
I love nature and all the beauty it surrounds us with every day, every season. Looking for ways to bring nature indoors is one of my favorite ways to decorate. So I brought in a fallen branch and attached it to my headboard with framing wire. I wrapped the wire around the branch and twisted it onto a screw.
These 3 little lanterns were found at Target last summer in the dollar section. I filled each with a tea light. To keep them in place, they are “frame-wire twisted” to the limbs, too.
Candles, paper whites and a barn star look festive under my horse art. I don’t like to dust so I topped our black dressers/night stands with two place mats each to cover the top surfaces (mostly).
We have a small faux tree sitting in an old milk crate with a burlap skirt….
adorned with just a few metal tree ornaments hanging about.
I didn’t use the kissing ball in here this year.
I added these 2 snowy white pillows from Homegoods along with the round pillow I purchased at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago.
Lots of different textures in here but it still feels relaxing and simple enough.
Yes, I do have a TV in my bedroom and a lot of books, too. (I told you I don’t like to dust :-/ ) 
My favorite room to be in.
(especially when it is clean)
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my bedroom.

35 Replies to “NATURE…accents an industrial style bedroom”

  1. Gorgeous, Holly! I really do love this style. I'm planning to finally start on my bedroom next month, and I'll have to keep the branch idea in mind. Thanks for the inspiration! Dee 🙂

  2. I love your trunk, bench T.V. stand. We gave our old trunk to our daughter for her apartment. I also am wild about the feather tree in the old milk crate. I love your room.

  3. Love the branch and lanterns. I think nature brought inside is a simple way to decorate, but makes such a statment. I would leave that branch thete always. You could even change the lanterns out with the seasons. Your feather tree with just the few ornaments is delightful! Thank you, for sharing!Have a blessed weekend!Sherri

  4. Sherrie,I am so glad you stopped by! I think I will leave the branch there for a while. I wanted to put a shelf or something up but I am loving it the way it is.You enjoy your weekend, too!xoHolly

  5. Every time I see one of your new posts in my feed I do a little happy dance, because I know it's going to be great. Your room is beautiful, and looks very relaxing. Thank you for some great ideas, ours is in need of a spruce up!xo

  6. Your room turned out gorgeous. I love all the elements you've mixed. They all work well together. Can I ask, what paint & color did you use on the walls. I love the color.

  7. Your room turned out gorgeous. I love all the elements you've mixed. They all work well together. Can I ask, what paint & color did you use on the walls. I love the color.

  8. You've done a great job, Holly! I really like the 'feel' of the room.. :)I wanted to ask you about the wall lamps. I've been thinking seriously about using the same type of lamps on either side of our king-size bed, but haven't done it yet because I wanted to find someone who had already done it and lived with it for a while.I'm a reader at night. Ron's a sleeper.. lol Do you find that having your light on, for example, bothers your husband or vice versa?It doesn't appear that it would, but I'd like your input here, if you don't mind.Thanks, I hope.. 🙂

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