Recycled Wood Holiday Accents

I made these ornaments several years ago but I’m sharing them with you again.
These are some pictures taken at an Open House I held for my friends and clients in Connecticut in 2010.

I made these by cutting down branches with a miter saw.
I made sets of 4 or 5 and sold them together in little tins or boxes.
Words like – Jolly, Noel, Joy, Bright, Jingle, Peace, Love and Believe were stenciled on each with a sharpie paint pen or I used my Cricut to cut out little words. Even numbers are way cute if you like numbers.
These blocks and square ornament sets were made with scraps of wood from other projects I had been making through the year.
And little holiday blocks were great for gift giving.
(bus drivers, neighbors, work friends – etc.)
Wrapped with twine, my business tag and a little wooden star up top.
I sold them all and haven’t made myself any more.
I put so much love and effort into making them special for this event.
Where we lived in CT – it was hard to find stores with quaint little iron accents at the time so I would find them in my travels out west and bring them back for my Open House party.
(my carry on bag was 85 pounds once – yes – I had to unpack it all and get everything inspected for soooo long with little twin boys trying to be patient)
I started my small business in 2007. I made lots of things with wood like tables, benches, my own chunky wood frames and special order gifts.
I made every little thing besides the iron accents and greenery. I stayed very busy and I put my whole heart into my work. I made friends with my clients and wanted them to be so proud and comfortable in their beautiful homes. Helping them make it that way was my job but more my hobby and it brought me happiness.
 I had fun designing rooms and making home accents.
Sadly, I don’t do this anymore. Not that I wouldn’t do it again.
Why not? It’s a long story.
 My designs were my own and I had a wonderful clientele.
(I look tired here – I was)
I was super happy with my work and loved creating unique pieces that you couldn’t find in the store. I was successful, not rich but happy. Maybe a little too busy but I loved it.
This is a picture of my old work bench that we brought in for this event.
I covered it in craft paper.
I had made this big shelf to keep my inventory organized.
This all happened before my blogging days so I thought I would share some pictures from that event.
My good friend Amy took the pictures.
I hope these inspire you to make something of your own.
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