Have you ever been to Build-A-Bear?
I am going to show you how I made an easy “Build-A-Thankful-Pumpkin”.

My Mother brings the cutest gifts to us when she visits. I loved these Halloween treats that she made and they inspired me to make something of my own.
First, let me show you her Halloween version of this craft:

Take approximately a 10 inch square of fabric, same or slightly smaller size batting inside. The stem is rolled up craft paper glued and covered in twine then embellished with raffia and eucalyptus. A darling presentation! She showed us how to pull up the stem and the pumpkin opens to yummy candy inside. The stem was placed inside the taped roll of card stock to hold it together. SIMPLE! 
That was my inspiration!
Now, since I am missing the whole Halloween pumpkin making, I will focus on the next holiday – not Christmas but Thanksgiving. If you are hosting dinner – this is pretty cute for each table setting.
Gather supplies for each:
10 inch square fabric
a handful of cotton balls
3 inch stick from outside
card stock cut into 2 inch strips
packing tape
a message for inside and one for out (optional)
Wrap card stock around the stick (not too tight). Tape it together with the hole open.
Make a special message to go inside each pumpkin. This is where you can make this personal and say why you are thankful for that person – “kiss it” and throw it in the cotton to go inside.
OR….If your family draws names for Christmas – a name could be hidden in here.
(you get the idea)
After tucking in all of the sides of fabric into the card stock hole then “plug” it up with your stick. My stick in the photo was WAY too long so I had to cut it down. Hole punch a little layered card with a name or message on it and slip some twine through the hole and wrap it onto the stick. I just put Thankful on the outside and For YOU inside but you can use these as name cards for place settings, too.
Homemade gifts make the sweetest treasures. 

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