One Door Makes Two

You might remember my old door from THIS POST.
The glass broke out of the top window part so I wasn’t going to be able to use it for an entrance door like I had planned.

The door is super heavy but I was able to lay it on my table saw and push it through.
It’s much easier to manage two smaller pieces than that big solid wood thing.
Now I have two backdrops for decorating.

(I painted it from the original yellow – you can see my technique in THIS POST)
I wanted to trade out our garage entrance door for this one but the holes for the door knobs didn’t line up. So I thought I would wait until we are in a home that we would be in for a longer period of time than we plan to be here.
I put one half outside on my porch table and the other inside. I will share that one another day.

This picture is old (sweet Sadie 🙁 ) but I was letting it sit outside to weather like in this picture and well, Somebody took a hammer to it.

That’s partly why I like old and distressed pieces – you can’t ruin them –
abuse just makes them better.

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