Rusty Scale, Baby Pumpkins and Pinecones

Last week I took my parents to several antique stores.
I brought home this old rusty scale.

The tiny pumpkins were for sale at one store for $2 per scoop.
They are as small and smaller than a penny.
Aren’t they so cute?
I mixed them in with some mini pine cones that I purchased at the craft store last year.
The scale is pretty heavy with original rust on the whole thing.
I love it there but you know what is going to happen?
My boys are going to throw those little baby pumpkins all over the place. Like the throw pillows…
I scream “don’t throw my throw pillows”. That just doesn’t sound right.
I’m moving the “pumpkin babies” up high for safe keeping.

26 Replies to “Rusty Scale, Baby Pumpkins and Pinecones”

  1. Such a good idea with the scale! I just used pumpkins and pinecones to fill two medium vases on my mantle. So cute!

  2. I think 35.00 is a great price. It would be in my neck of the woods. It is perfectly rusty and crusty. I love the white pumpkins. The mini ones are some sort of seed pod, I think.

  3. Nice display, I love the rusty scale. Love it all. The price was good. When I see a piece I like but question the price, I tell myself *if I saw something similar (reproduction) at Hobby Lobby or Target it would be the same price or more* then I talk myself into buying it. LOL.thanks for visiting my new blog !

  4. Oh- don't you just LOVE that scale? What fun! I think it's really great that you can take your parents around like that- YOu are a good daughter! xo Diana

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  6. What a find. Wasn't sure what you intended on doing with when you bought it, but it sure looks cute. One of those items that will always be a conversation piece and be able to pull it into most deco. Looks great the way you have used it with those darling little pumpkins. Can't wait to see how you use during the holidays. I love the rustic look. Love, Mom

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