Initial Glassware

We were having some friends over a few weeks ago. At the last minute I realized I didn’t have any wine glass rings. For our guests to be able to tell which drink was theirs I pulled out some letters that I had printed on my Cricut for a message board. I never used them for the message board but I was really glad I didn’t toss them out. The initials were printed on sticky vinyl in white.
The initials are for each day of the week.

Some people may need a wine glass for every day of the week 🙂 Hmmm…
I am sharing this with you because I have washed several of these glasses a few times in the dishwasher and the stickers are still on.
For duplicate S’s and T’s I tied on a gem, washer or nut to the stem.
If you don’t drink wine, use this idea on kids cups or glasses for your guests.
I lit a pumpkin spice candle for the party, too.
To hide the label I used double stick tape and wrapped krinkled yarn around and around the jar.
A last minute glassware tip for your next get together. 

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  1. Enjoyed your post. Great ideas. I would be so happy to have you as a follower. My follow gadget is close to the end of my blog. Thanks~Jen

  2. Those are some great tips! I have some slip on \”flip flops\” for the bottom of margarita glasses or wine glasses. But of course, that only works for summer gatherings. ha! The labels are a cute idea.

  3. Hi Holly,I have visited your blog so many times. Love it!Finally, I remembered to click the join button!Your smile is very welcoming,Deb@LakeGirlPaints

  4. Great ideas !! I love the \”days of the week\” wine glasses. 🙂 And, thanks so much for your kind note about our Fall dining room! Have a fabulous weekend! *Becca*

  5. What a great idea! And so much more elegant than a sharpie and a solo cup :DExcellent tips especially the gem & washers.

  6. I switched all my glasses from plastic to glass not only because it's healthier for you. I also love the look of glass cups.

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