Initial Glassware

We were having some friends over a few weeks ago. At the last minute I realized I didn’t have any wine glass rings. For our guests to be able to tell which drink was theirs I pulled out some letters that I had printed on my Cricut for a message board. I never used them for the message board but I was really glad I didn’t toss them out. The initials were printed on sticky vinyl in white.
The initials are for each day of the week.

Some people may need a wine glass for every day of the week 🙂 Hmmm…
I am sharing this with you because I have washed several of these glasses a few times in the dishwasher and the stickers are still on.
For duplicate S’s and T’s I tied on a gem, washer or nut to the stem.
If you don’t drink wine, use this idea on kids cups or glasses for your guests.
I lit a pumpkin spice candle for the party, too.
To hide the label I used double stick tape and wrapped krinkled yarn around and around the jar.
A last minute glassware tip for your next get together. 
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I switched all my glasses from plastic to glass not only because it's healthier for you. I also love the look of glass cups.


What a great idea! And so much more elegant than a sharpie and a solo cup :DExcellent tips especially the gem & washers.

Linda@Coastal Charm

Holly, These are two great tips…thanks for sharing:)Blessings,Linda


Great ideas, Holly 🙂

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

Love your tips! How fun to have friends over and socialize. I'm wanting a glass of wine now!~Shanon


LOVE YOUR STYLE! Just came across your blog~~~~I am your newest follower! Really enjoyed reading~~~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie


Great project. I like the idea.Cynthia

Junky Vagabond

What's the font Holly? Cute idea…is it bad that I just rinse and reuse my wine glass most days??


That is a cute idea Holly!


Great ideas !! I love the \”days of the week\” wine glasses. 🙂 And, thanks so much for your kind note about our Fall dining room! Have a fabulous weekend! *Becca*

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

That is a cute idea and the yarn over the label is very creative.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor

I really like the candle jar idea…I hate those labels!!

chateau chic

Great idea on the wine glasses. My husband can never remember which glass is his!Mary Alice

Deb Hrabik

Hi Holly,I have visited your blog so many times. Love it!Finally, I remembered to click the join button!Your smile is very welcoming,Deb@LakeGirlPaints


Those are some great tips! I have some slip on \”flip flops\” for the bottom of margarita glasses or wine glasses. But of course, that only works for summer gatherings. ha! The labels are a cute idea.


Enjoyed your post. Great ideas. I would be so happy to have you as a follower. My follow gadget is close to the end of my blog. Thanks~Jen