White Flowing Curtains – Easy and Cheap

If you have been following my blog, you know I just moved from our home in Connecticut to a sweet neighborhood in Virginia.
If you have ever moved before, you will know how some things just “disappear” during the moving process.
For me, several things disappeared – or I just can’t find them. One important thing gone missing was all of my window treatments. So ~ since the home we are in is a leased house, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on rods and curtains. Here is my solution for a quick window treatment ~ on the cheap.
If you live by an IKEA – you can buy inexpensive, long panels for $4.99 per set for gauzy, white window panels. Look for LILL curtain panels at your local IKEA – they are really pretty and flowing.
I do not live near IKEA so I ordered these “scarves” from Amazon.com for $12 and change.
I selected a scarf rather than a panel for the length.
I laid the whole scarf out on the floor and folded it in half length-wise. Then I cut it in half to make 2 -106″ window panels.
Separate them and then fold each one width-wise in half again.
At this point you can iron and hem them or if you are lazy like me – leave them as they are. 
Make sure your rods are ready for them – here’s how:
I use a Monkey Hook, Level, Drill and Phillips Screwdriver along with 1 1/4 inch drywall screws and drywall anchors. I never use the hardware that comes in the packages with the rods because they are always awful. (especially if you buy the cheaper rods from WalMart)
My ceilings are 9 ft. tall so I measure 12 inches above the moldings. I use my Monkey Hook to punch a hole there to check for a wall stud. If I am lucky enough to get a stud, I just screw in my 1 1/4 inch drywall screw for the top hole in the bracket. If not, you will need an anchor, which should just screw in with your drill. Then insert a drywall screw to attach the bracket. (do both sides of the window)
Next, string on the little clips which you can find for around $5-$10 at WalMart or JoAnn Fabric’s.
I am using six but they come in sets of 8, usually – I just have a ton of random ones.
Hang your rod up and make sure it looks level.
Now fold the top end of your new panels at about 10 inches from the top and start clipping. Be sure to use the end with the seams and let the folded side show in front. You can iron them to make sure your lines are straight – I didn’t (because I am lazy in a hurry that way)
You end up with a cute “valance” type ruffle at the top.
Since these windows have 2″ blinds I don’t need privacy. I just wanted a little elegance. The length and height of the panels enhance the tall ceilings. It creates an “airy” feeling to the space.
Make sure that your curtains “puddle” on the floor.
(we are not waiting for a flood)

The rods in these photos were already here but if you want to purchase cute rods – try Target, Joann Fabric’s or Walmart first. They aren’t heavy and once the rods are up, you can’t tell if they are from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or a bargain store.
 (however, if your budget isn’t restricted – RH has amazing chunky rods)
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This is also a very good tip-
Just think “High and Wide” when treating your windows.