Natural {Tiny} Tree Table

Bringing a little bit of nature indoors is a beautiful way to add texture and character to any style of decor.
Today I made a little tree table.

We had a whole bunch of trees taken down a couple of years ago. This stump has been in my garage to dry out so it could be used inside.
Here is my simple and easy steps to how I created this natural tiny table…

During the drying time the tree had been seeping out all it’s juices….
So it created a sort of white “film” where the tree had been cut.
I used some mineral spirits and a 5-in-1 tool to scrape it clean.
Then I scraped off some of the bark but not all of it.  I love the texture of the bark and a more natural state for the tree – not too “polished”.
Then sand it down with about a 120 grit paper.  Be sure to wear full coverage safety goggles to protect your eyes from all the little chips that fly off while sanding.
With my Cricut I printed out a No. 6 on natural color card stock.
I applied the No. 6 with Matte Mod Podge to the top side.
(the No. 6 doesn’t have a special meaning but for those who think it should…there are 6 kids in my family)
While the mod podge dries I wrap a rope around the center and use tiny nails and a hammer to secure it in place.
Not every room calls for a coffee table. That is where I love to use stools and plant stands. They are useful and beautiful and way more versatile than a larger table. A perfect size platform for a drink or book near a comfortable seat.
I can even use this outside…

A Natural {Tiny} Tree Table