Our Simple Master Bathroom

Our bathroom has been last on my list of improvements
since we moved here 6 years ago.


I framed out the mirror in 1×4 pine.

That little side mirror is attached with hinges on one side only. That way I can swing it out to see the side and back of my hair. (very important)

The vanity was cherry wood – I spray painted it and added feet.

That’s about it…
I just switched out the decor to go with the rest of our house.
Pretty Simple

to see the bedroom GO HERE

26 Replies to “Our Simple Master Bathroom”

  1. Beautiful! I love how you distressed the cabinets! I would never want to leave!

  2. The counter and framed mirrors are gorgeous! I love the large bicycle wall hanging and the two windows. It's a really beautiful bathroom! I've been looking for some old windows to decorate with and they're really hard to find in my area. A matching set is proving to be almost impossible. You must have some amazing salvage places where you live! ~ Jamie

  3. its gorgeous!!! i like the little wreath in the middle, gives it a little separation!!! and love the paint job!!!

  4. Your unique and personal touches and style makes your home so charming. I love your use of wonderful architectural elements.Mary Alice

  5. Fabulous touches! I love what you did with the vanity.Carolyn{my simple messterpiece}

  6. Everything looks beautiful!!! I like your windows hanging on the wall – awesome! Please share more detail about how you got the finish on the vanity – perfect!

  7. I love your vanity! I am trying to get The Hubster to let me paint our bathroom vanity sin the master. So far it is a no go. I have that exact same runner in our pantry. I forget where I got it from. I think HomeGoods. Hope all is well!:) Still waiting on our move orders if there will even be any.

  8. Love that cabinet! Did you spray paint the frame in the bathroom, or did you intall after painting? Did you use any type of sealer of spray painting? I just love your site, it inspires!

  9. I recently starting reading your blog and absolutely love it. Your house is gorgeous. I could definitely move right in. Although I have gotten away a little from country decor, I still try to have some, and seem to be unable to completely get away from it as it is warm and inviting. Good luck in selling your house. I don't think it will be on the market long. Here's a funny thing too..I have a good friend who has a beach house in Clinton and I have spent a lot of summer weekends there with her. It is a great area. Best of luck.Heidi Payeur

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