A few Realtors came this morning to take a little tour of our home.
Staging a home for the market is much different than decorating for actual living.
I positioned the couch and chairs to face each other as if people were sitting in them having a conversation. Smaller furniture pieces show off the floor and are more flexible to move around for traffic flow.
(A good rule of thumb… If you have a large room – bring furniture away from the walls and bring the seating close enough to hear the person in the seat across from you. It creates a cozy feel and actually makes the room feel larger.)
The fireplace is still the focal point in this room and the TV is sort of  – just there.
I removed the fluffy soft rug to show the painted floor. The rug was comfortable for the kids and the dog but I didn’t want it to appear as if we were hiding the floor.
(plus – it smells better)
Here is a photo from before ….
The next room is our front music room.
I took off the white slipcover and let the blue sofa just be what it is…

All the family photos have been taken down. Less decor helps buyers focus on the room size and features like wainscoting and crown molding.
Here is this room from before…

I also removed items from the kitchen.

I removed the decor from above the cabinets so it looks clean and simple.
Here is a picture from before..
I left only white window panels up because that is what will stay with the house.
They are fresh and bright and not too “taste specific”.
A simpler style for potential buyers.
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Sketching Artist

It's a beautiful house, but you are going to have so much fun putting your style on the new place.


Great staging. I used to be a RE broker and as beautiful as your decorating is, buyers have to be able to see their own things in the house.Laura


I'm coming by to look tomorrow, could you put everything back up because I wanna focus on your decorating instead. Any lady who buys your house would be smart to ask you for tips as far as I'm concerned.~Bliss~

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop

Looks wonderful…although I did love the before..sure it will be gone in a blink of an eye!!! x0


Beautiful Holly, I wish you all the best for a quick sale. I know I would fall in love with it!


Wow! You really stripped it down to the bare bones! I know it must feel strange to you, but they say to \”detach\” from your home when you're selling it and it will go easier. I would say that you've \”detached\”. It definitely shows the actual walls and architecture of the house more now. I bet it's not as easy to watch tv now though. I never even knew you had a painted rug on your floor in the family room! See? I'm seeing new things already.

Shabby chic Sandy

It looks great–and I understand staging, but I love the before pictures:) Can't wait to see what you do in your next house! Happy selling!


I think you've staged things very nicely, Holly. Best of luck to you.

All Things Chic 2

O.k I'm sure of it this home will sell!!!It shows so so well!!!Best of luck with a sale!!!Blessings Lori


It's still beautiful Holly! Hope you're having a wonderful day, Gail

Yvonne @ StoneGable

These are great tips, and not only if one is trying to sell a house! Too much clutter makes a home feel messy! I am a big believer in getting our furniture off the walls! I hope you home sells in no time flat!What a great stop!Yvonne

Coastal Cottage Dreams

I love your home, I think you will not have a problem. I just recently sold my home back north in five days. It was very exciting. So I am in my new home now doing many new things…so much fun!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

Your home is so pretty, buyers are going to love it!!

Susan @

Holly I would buy your house in a second… but of course you'd have to leave all your beautiful furniture and \”stuff\” :)susan


Even with so many items being removed for a clean and simpler look for staging, it still looks just amazing! ~ Jamie