Coffee Antiqued Urn

What a pretty urn….
This is how it all started:

I went to our local TJ Maxx the other day and saw this poor beat up pot.
The asking price was $19.99 – not bad.
I got up to the counter and asked if this could be marked down because of it’s condition.
(I used to be so embarrassed to do that but ….I got over it)

Even more off than I expected…. Thank you very much!
I had some plans for this small size urn.
You can do this too.
Spray Paint the whole thing white with 2X cover spray paint.
Scrape various places on the pot for a naturally worn or chipped look while the paint is still sticky.
Let it dry….
Pull out your used coffee grounds from this morning.
(if you don’t drink coffee – Starbucks would be happy to let you have some of theirs)
Rub the coffee grains all over the white painted area. 
I let the grounds sit like that while we had dinner.
(the grounds are actually a great exfoliating scrub – my hands were so soft afterwards)
Wipe all the coffee off that you can with paper towels.
 I picked the urn up and rinsed the rest of the little grains off in the sink.
That’s it… a beautiful Coffee Antiqued Urn.
Urns are beautiful indoors and out.  I’m hoping this will chip even more this summer when I use it outside.  The patina is beautiful and it all cost me only $15.99 total including the spray paint.

While shopping in your favorite stores look for damaged items or in the clearance section and visualize the cheapest thing you see in a distressed white…you’ll want to buy it all.
Anybody can spray paint and everything is paintable.

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