Nature Inspired Winter Decor

It’s been so freezing.  It makes me think of all the little critters that live outside.
I love to invite birds into our yard in the winter.
So to remind myself to not neglect nature – I made this sign.
All the Christmas decor is gone but we have a long winter ahead of us.
Here’s how I changed the house up for the occasion.
(keeping our little birdies in mind)

The pine cones and bird houses were on my Christmas tree.

The old chicken coop door always makes it’s way back to the mantel.
(I love this junk find)

My friend, Amy, gave this frame to me for Christmas.
Here’s our front room for listening to music…
I made a burlap knot cloth for the console – inspired by my friend Laura.
(I don’t like to dust)
\And you have to see the other gifts Amy gave me….
Vintage Style Number Hooks.
 I wanted some hooks in the foyer for little friends that come to play.
Now they have a cute place to put their coats besides my floor.
Winter Decor Inspired by Nature…
Feed the Birds
(unless you get bears)
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34 Replies to “Nature Inspired Winter Decor”

  1. Love this!! Everything is perfect! Also thank you for listing your paint colors.Cant wait to begin my weekend projects 🙂

  2. I forgot to ask about your black and ivory damask(?) Living room curtains, where did you find them?

  3. Your nature inspired mantel is just beautiful Holly as is the rest of your home. I enjoy my every visit here!!!!Happy New Year to you and have a wonderful day, Gail

  4. I just love your style, all that white just makes me smile. I too have taken down most of the Christmas decorations, except for a couple of trees that I need help taking apart. The only thing, we have a long winter ahead of us too. Buffalo, I don't need to say any more. The snow has finally come and now my home seems bare.

  5. I believe that is one of the prettiest \”Winter\” mantels I've seen. I love all the texture you've added with the pinecones and burlap and topiaries. I adore the sign that you made! I love your other room too. I never thought about tying a simple burlap bow to a grapevine wreath. I am going to do that!! Love that idea. Simple and cheap, but looks great. I really love all the layers you've added to your rooms. I'm just swooning!

  6. Everything is beautiful. I keep coming back and looking through these gorgeous photos. They are truly inspiring!! In one of your photos you have some jars with candles and numbers on them~do they have special meaning or is it just random? Ruth

  7. Hi… I have been so inpired of your blog, so I have posted some of your picture on my blog and linked back to you. I came over your site just a couple of days ago.. I've search it all :)) I also liked your picture now, after christmast.. Have a nice day, and keep up the good work! Hug from Norway 🙂

  8. Hi Holly! I just love your home! I love how you use nature in everything. I am happy you're following me too. I'd love to visit your shop. I have always wanted to visit New England. If you notice my dining room has more of a colonial influence. I've been into primitives for quite awhile but am leaning toward more of a farmhouse, white less cluttered look.

  9. I found your blog via Time Travel where you were featured. I must say I don't know how I've missed your posts before. I love your style and you certainly make renovating look easy. I was going to donate some old laterns and stuff, but now I'm stashing them for the future decorating. I'm a new follower and will return for sure.

  10. Hi-I noticed your window fireplace screen. Is it just \”resting\” there or does it actually seal the fireplace opening?Thanks.Heatherfrom Alabama: where it IS winter but also 60 degrees. It WAS only 33 Tuesday. Always changing.

  11. Holly…I love your design! You made me laugh out loud at your last sentence. I live in Iowa…I feed birds…last summer I fed a BIG BLACK BEAR too! He visited us during his trek across the state. When I looked out the window he was standing on his back legs about 15 feet from the house. He had pulled down a bird feeder and was helping himself to sunflower seeds! I screamed :)Hugs from Iowa,MichellePS…I found your paint colors…duh! and your email address

  12. Everything looks just awesome. I love the sense of nature you've instilled and as always I love your style. I am especially digging your old window covering your fireplace. I'm getting ready to paint mine and had no idea what to put over it, since we don't actually use it. Now I know what I'm on the hunt for!!!

  13. I just found your blog this evening and what a treat.I am off to read more posts and I am a new follower.LauraWhite Spray PaintI love birds too!

  14. Hi Holly, I'm just lovin' this post! what a great mantle you have put together, and How cute is that hook on your newel post? just a super duper kid friendly idea! thanks so much for linking up to the party, xoxo!

  15. Wow! I wish I could find a \”junk\” item like that! I've been on the look-out but man, those things are rare! You have great style- I love the pictures!!

  16. Love the feed the birds sign and your mantel looks just great all nature inspired.Love the knotted runner on your console.Great visiting with you tonight.

  17. I just found your blog and featured your basement door today. I'm excited to look around your blog some more, love your style!

  18. LOVE this sign and vignette. I just found your blog (I also see that you're a Utah girl, yay). You and I share the love of all things OLD. I love your blog and see that your work and creativity is inspirational. For sure am following this blog.

  19. I just found your blog…(via: FNF) Love that little sign… I need something like that in the tree outside my kitchen window! This would be perfect. You fireplace and mantel looks so pretty…is your fireplace functional? or just for looks… I like the window in the front. I'm checking out your blog– nice to meet you, Pat

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