2011 Best Blog Projects

Although I installed this old door several years ago, it gets the most attention from viewers of my home tour.

I saved this cute door from the dump.  I peeled it off the frozen ground at the salvage store that I love.  I paid $10 for that little gem.  I had to rip the sides a little with my table saw so it would fit my basement door size.  Many people think that it is a pantry door and that’s OK but it really leads to my basement.  It has been one thing in my home that gets lots of attention.

I didn’t even repaint or distress this door.  I added a new handle recently, that’s it.
Down to Earth Style Home Tour
My Favorite Burlap Wreath
Favorite Burlap Wreath

Recycled Peanut Butter Jars
Cute Burlap Wreath
Cute Burlap Wreath Post
Tree Branch Ornaments
Earthy Ornaments
And finally..
Well, I’ve been blogging since September 2011 and I have had a blast.
I hope to post new and inspiring projects in 2012.