{ More Moss Love }

I’m loving little moss projects:

Then I added a hanging pinecone – much more “earthy” & interesting.

or like this?
I love greenery but some plants don’t like to grow for me —
but this moss and I get a long great.

5 Replies to “{ More Moss Love }”

  1. Hey there girl! Lovin the GREEN:) Youve been on my mind,I have sooooooooooo many awesome ideas for the kitchen thanks to you lighting a fire under me:) Thanks Deidre~

  2. I really love moss too. You've come up with some fun ways to use it! I really like the square moss covered wreath with the pinecone. That's so cute!

  3. Everything just looks soo wonderful! A few weeks back when I saw you visited The Old Oak Cottage and found your blog I was excited. I really loved your style and knew I would enjoy looking around your blog. I have been crazy busy and have not had a chance. Well about the same time I found a pic on FB that somebody posted from Pinterest and it was of an awesome old screen door put on a coat closet. I fell deeply in love with it and kept asking all over FB world if anybody knew the source cause I knew I would want to see more of the house it was in. Thanx to Donna today for sharing your home tour today on FB!! I now know you are to welcome for such a great inspiration! There is an old screen door out tat the cottage I Have my eye. It is a tad wide though so I am trying to figure out how to make it work. Anyways, long story short I love your style and am so glad our paths crossed!

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