Drab to Fab Gift

I was at the craft store the other day and a lady was looking at these candles that were
 3 for $10 or something ridiculously cheap.
She said – “Oh, these make the best teacher gifts.”
So that’s fine – you don’t have to spend much on teachers for sure.
I think they are appreciative of anything from their students.
But here’s a way to make that $3.50
candle look a whole lot more special.

This is so easy to do – just a few extra minutes to wrap.
All you crafty girls have all you need right at home.
Ornament (any) – optional
Cinnamon Stick or Twigs from your yard or both
Twine (yarn, hemp, or strings from your burlap)
hot glue
to: / from:  tags
old book paper, newspaper or card stock
Can you see how it was done from the picture?
From this:
I added a little moss over my knots with a little hot glue – it holds that whole area in place.
Apply your average Joe To/From stickers to old book pages, newspaper or card stock,
I burned the edges of these old book pages that I found in the basement,
a Christopher Columbus book that was already ripped.
It was a PERFECT day to burn paper because we were having our septic tank emptied out this morning…………SICK!
The burned paper helped with the smell.
Why do we still have septic systems in the year 2011 anyway?
Well – one wrapped gift down and 60 more to go…
Happy Wrapping!
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What a great packing of that candle…I love it!!That could work for any type of jar of bottle…Thanks for sharing!!happy holidays..:)


This really does make that candle into one beautiful gift!Love it!Eileen @ cottage beach house

septic tank pumping roswell

Hi,Thanks for leading me to your Blog from a comment left on my Blog, some great stuff here, will bookmark it, Thanks again!

Leslie's Garden

Very cute Holly! I love the way you singed the edges of the paper. This is a look that really grabs me, the burlap, little wood disc, twine! I can always count on your to have the greatest ideas, and they're so doable!


That is such a great idea! Anyone can give a candle, but not everyone can package it that nice. That took time and patience. You did a great job. I know his teacher is going to love it and notice the attention to detail. Thanks for sharing!


What a great gift idea! You do such a beautiful job!! My husband is a second year teacher and it's so sweet that many of the parents and children take the time to buy him/make him presents. It's always so appreciated!~ Jamie